Damilola Oluwatoyinbo

Damilola Oluwatoyinbo is a blend of gifts and grace.

A dynamic speaker, insightful writer, personal-transformation expert, corporate trainer and spiritual leader, his mission is to empower his generation to maximize their strengths, unlock their true glory, and lead purposeful and impactful lives.

Armed with a strong aptitude through his training as a chemical engineer and a winning attitude through his exposure to the world class leadership of different organisations he has served and partnered with, Dami is on a mission to empower his generation to fulfil their God-given dreams and live up to their true potential. His passion is to change the world one life at a time.

He believes that global reformation starts with personal transformation. The principles of personal transformation which he delivers in a creative and captivating oratorical style continue to empower thousands of people to find and fulfil their purpose in life.

He represents a generation that believe that you can be can spiritually empowered, socially relevant and economically productive.

He makes his contribution to the global economy through DreamStream, a Training and Development enterprise whose primary objective is to empower individuals and organizations to optimize their potential by leveraging  relevant information resources.

He has also worked as an Associate Consultant with VISIBLE IMPACT and facilitated training sessions for reputable organizations including ConnectNigeria, Guaranty Trust Bank and Access Bank.

As a leader, he has delivered inspiring results in the fields of marketing, management, ministry, and missions both locally and internationally.

Drawing from his personal successes and ever-growing wisdom pool, he speaks on personal transformation, effective communication, team building, superior performance, exceptional leadership, and spiritual growth. These transformational principles, which he delivers in a creative and captivating oratorical style, continue to empower thousands of people to find and fulfil their purpose in life.

In 2009, Dami and thirteen young Nigerians featured as contestants on Africa’s first Oratory-based reality TV show, “THE DEBATERS”.

This afforded him the opportunity to share his voice and wisdom with an estimated 5 million people in over forty African and European countries through national and satellite television. He was adjudged “Best Speaker” and “most charismatic” several times during the three-month period.

He has since been acclaimed for his exceptionally brilliant presentations.

In 2010, he was one of the 40 young Nigerians who were specially selected and sponsored to participate in the first-ever youth forum of the National Economic Summit Group (NESG) in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Later that year, Dami’s mentor, Pastor Paul Adefarasin saddled him with the huge and humbling responsibility of leading prayers for the future of the Nation before a live audience of over half a million people at THE EXPERIENCE, the world’s largest gospel concert which was broadcast worldwide through the internet and  international television.

In October 2011, He opened the doors to DREAM Academy, a Personal and Professional Development Academy with a mission to Develop Reformers, Entrepreneurs, Advocates and Managers.

His four published books, “Just Do It”, “Seize The Moment”, “Good To Go New Year Guide” and “Life Lessons from Football” have received hundreds of positive reviews at home and abroad.

His blog www.damioluwatoyinbo.com attracts thousands of readers from over sixty countries and his weekly podcast, “Wisdom for Your Week” has thousands of listeners from over 50 countries.

A certified member of The John Maxwell Team, an elite international group of world-class speakers, trainers and coaches, he is acclaimed for his brilliant presentations and widely celebrated as one of the most inspiring voices of his generation. He is in increasing demand at conferences, seminars, and workshops as a speaker and trainer. Many emerging spiritual and business leaders consider him a mentor and a channel of inspiration.

He recently returned to Lagos, Nigeria to raise K.I.N.G.S, Kingdom Influencers in Nations, Generations and Systems, a vibrant community with operations spanning a local church with a global vision, as well as charities and outreaches. In recognition of his impact and influence, he was recently named one of the top 10 most Influential Young Nigerians by Avance Magazine.

Dami is happily married to his best friend and teammate, the delectable Toju, they are blessed with an adorable son, Carmine and they are fulfilling their life’s mission together.

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  1. Pastor Dami, you are just the bomb. you are the kind of speaker nigerian youths need to help us take the country to the desired position. i love you so much.

  2. Hi Hybride, I really like your wall paper,
    Thanks for letting me use it and thanks for posting a comment on my blog.
    I appreciate it.

  3. You indeed are a gift and blessing to our generation. I’d heard so much about you but when i came in contact with you @ YWAP Boothcamp ’09, i was dazed! You blessed me tremendously,u’v no idea how much. thank you for allowing yourself to be used in such a capacity. I believe in yr ministry. God is taking u 2 mindblowing heights. . .!

  4. Thanks a lot Anna.
    I feel so honored to be a blessing to you n to our generation.
    this blog is just another medium to stay in touch and reach out so feel free to drop by as often as u can.
    I appreciate ur feedback.
    Stay on fire for God.

  5. hello pst dam, i have been ur BIG fan even b4 the debaters pls can u be my mentor?
    my number is 07038606655.
    fb ad: Nayor slimfit adeneye.

  6. P.Damz,u r a rare gem.i can’t quantify ur personality.i have always looked up to people like u as d great leaders we have home and abroad.God bless you greatly.tbabie.

  7. Hi dami,hw are u?op grt,av heard much abt u,watched u on tv station,debaters,I was blessed by the message u gave at my church someyrs back,u are a grt leader of our generation,continue doing the good works the lord sent u,God bless u dearie.wish to join d acedemy

  8. Rev.Dami, you are truely an inspiration to this generation and av been so blessed by your teachings…..Get ready world for him

  9. In a world with 7billion people,being good at what you do isnt good enough.
    You have got to be great,fabolous and Wow!
    I dont say this everytime but Pastor Dami,You are Wow!
    Well done.
    Keep the fire burning.
    God remain with you.
    CEO Wow! Makeup and Makeovers

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  11. Gooday pastor Damilola,
    I am greatly inspired by your life sir. I read your book “just do it” and it has spurred me to take positive steps in my life. As an aspiring author and inspirational speaker I consider you a worthy role model and would appreciate your input in my upcoming book which I hope to publish next year.
    Thank you sir for being a blessing.

    Dare Adewuya
    Ibadan, Nigeria.

  12. Pastor Dami, heard your words when u visited streams of joys during our mother’s unite. I was highly inspired. May God use u to touch lives and mine too. Want to be speaking to you, wish i could get your contact.

  13. Well! Well!! Well! I am a motivational speaker, human resource manager, professional and personal development coach. I really dont know anything whatsoever about Pastor Dami (who I like to refer to as P.Dam), I was just checking up wedding events on bellanaija.com one fateful night and saw your wedding pictures and story. I really cant say what attracted me to you, but it sure must be because of how young i perceived you to be, intelligent, sharp, enigmatic, with huge prowess and delivery. So I decided to google your name and here I find myself. I must say I am thrilled by your personalty, achievments and track record.

  14. Hello sir, posted this on another page but what would it hurt to post it here too. So I have a gazillion questions to ask you, I need your advice on some things. I celebrate your work and the impact you have in the lives of youths in our generation. Please how do i go about that? Thank you, kind regards.

  15. Hello great man of the word, I came across one of your books, the particular “GOOD TO GO” .It has blessed my soul and destiny. I need to send you a mail for further gain. Please let have your address.

  16. Pastor Dami, well done. More grace. Just wanted to know if you will be available for us again at Christ Ambassadors International College, Ibadan. You were with us in 2014. Pastor Chuks Nwachukwu (chuksnwachukwu2012@yahoo.com) , the school chaplain.

  17. Good afternoon Rev. Oluwatoyinbo,

    I am the Administrator of Christ Ambassadors International College.

    I would like to invite you as the guest speaker for our Valedictory Service.

    You were a blessing the last time you came.

    Hope to hear from you shortly

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