Bright ideas please!

Just started reading the most popular ebook in the world-UNLEASHING THE IDEA VIRUS by Seth Godin.It’s an incredible read and you should do yourself the favour of downloading it right here.

I have decided to apply the principles shared and not just read the book.That’s why I need a favor from you.I’d really appreciate it if you could drop your ideas at the end of the post.Now this may sound a little funny but I just want to open an idea bank and I want you to be one of the first depositors.

It could be any idea that you believe would make the world a much better place.

Don’t get scared that another reader would “steal” your idea.

Share it.You might even find someone to partner with.Remember, you can’t clap with only one hand.

By rubbing minds together, we could unleash some IDEAVIRUSES that would “infect” our generation and force a change in the way people think and live

So, let’s get started…you’d be amazed how much we would do together.

Be the first to share your ideas…

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