From Motivation To Action

Research shows that if you are reading this piece, you are at least three times more likely to succeed than the average person. inspired. Research also proves that if you read this all the way to the end, you are going to be one of the top 10 percent in your field. Only about 10percent of people who start a process or embark on a project ever follow it through. Most people lack motivation. However, the greater challenge is that some who are motivated just HARDLY EVER take the action necessary to create the results they desire.

There are too many people who hide under the umbrella of excuses and prayers.

You see, I serve as a pastor. I have counselled thousands of people one-on-one and in groups over different issues and I can assure you that what many people pray about could be easily prevented or solved by following simple instructions.

I do NOT despise the imporatance and power of prayer in my life. I can’t. There are several testimonies I have that are traceable to several seasons of intercession, petition, warfare and other forms of prayer.

The point is that often, the answers to our prayers come, stare at us. We stare back at them. We look away. Stare back at them. Admire them, Analyse them and look away. Then we return to our prayer spots asking for things that have already been released to us.

About two hours ago, I sent out a broadcast to my Blackberry contact list about DREAM Academy. Just as I had expected, some people copied my display picture and used it as theirs(I’m truly grateful to these guys); some even rebroadcast the message; some were “silent”. No acknowledgement or response. Then, the interesting bunch- they were really inspired and motivated by the opportunity but had reasons… excuses… One of them said “I have read some of the testimonials but the notice is too short…)


12 days notice is too short?

Welllllllll… Maybe…Maybe not…

It’s really not in my place to judge or draw conclusions that may be misinterpreted as insensitivity.

I simply told her “It’s time to move from motivation to ACTION”

Could DREAM Academy be one of the answers to YOUR PRAYERS and secret desires.

I am deeply convinced that this next session is the tipping point for dozens of people. I sincerely hope you will SEIZE this opportunity.

It’s interesting to note that the first three people to register for the course don’t even earn a regular income YET. How much more those who have a healthy some and simply need to learn a few more strategies to MULTIPLY their productivity and ACCELERATE their success.

Sometimes, I think that we overanalyse instead of simply taking action.

Enough said.

Pick up your phone and call Toju NOW. Get the info you need to secure your seat today.

I look forward to seeing you there.


5 thoughts on “From Motivation To Action

    1. Great to hear from you Isaac.
      Congrats on your NYSC. May it be a year of impact ang growth for you and through you in Jesus’ name.
      I understand. Just stay tuned for upcoming opportunities.
      In the interim, please spread the word to your friends, siblings, cousins and colleagues who will be available to attend.

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