How To Live Your Dreams

What’s your dream?

What is that burning desire in your heart?

What would you accomplish if nothing could stop you?

Where would you like to be 5 years from now?

What if the sky wasn’t the limit?

What if you could grow beyond preset barriers and stretch beyond the horizons.

These are questions you must contemplate if you want to be all you were born to be.

It’s possible that you’ve had these questions on your mind for a while but you’ve also wondered “How do I get started?”

“Where do I get the capital to start my dream business?”

“How can I get the strategic relationships or “connections” I need?

“What steps should I take to grow?”

“What  exactly do I need to know?”

“How should I position myself for golden opportunities?”

“How do I improve my confidence and communication skills?”

I’m glad to let you know that finally, there’s an institution that teaches you how to LIVE YOUR DREAMS.
With the incredible transformations going on in our socio-economic climes, it has become abundantly clear that talent, academic degrees and certificates alone will not put you ahead of the teeming population of job-seekers, budding entrepreneurs and aspiring reformers.

More than ever, life skills are in high demand.There is an undeniable revolution that stipulates that anyone who must forge ahead and leave a lasting impression in the annals of history must invest ample time, energy and financial resources in DISCOVERING, DEVELOPING and DEPLOYING their inherent GIFTS.

Unfortunately, the traditional academic institutions often revolve around obsolete techniques and axioms that have no real life application thus they fail to furnish students with the necessary qualities required to live up to their true potential.

This leaves a gaping hole in the fabric of our society.

D.R.E.A.M Academy aims to proffer practical solutions to this challenge.

Our FACULTY comprises of brilliant young man and women with a proven track record of professional and business excellence.

Our CURRICULUM is rich and relevant.
Topics to be covered include:

* Time Management

*Financial Management

*Talent Management

*Networking Skills

*Sales and Marketing

*Teamwork and Interpersonal skills


*Effective Communication

*Interview Skills

*Proposal Writing

*Poise and Etiquette

*Personal and Business Branding

This training will run for five days between 9:30am and 3:30pm with a 30 minute lunch break.

The training sessions will be a blend of interactive sessions, role plays as well as live and audio-visual presentations.

N20 000

Get a 25% DISCOUNT by paying before October 4, 2011.

Account Details:
Number: 219 832174 110

P.S:There are only 30 seats available.

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11 thoughts on “How To Live Your Dreams

  1. Went to church, the message was titled – YOUR VISION IS NOT A LIE, as i sat down there, i wondered if i ve got a vision, remember those days, had a lot of ideas and dreams, now i really wanna know if there were just ambitions or visions. thank u for living ur dream

  2. Hi Jemima, I sincerely hope and wish you will make it to DREAM Academy. Many of the things we’d teach will help you clarify your thoughts about vision and ambition. We will also have extensive Question-and-Answer sessions that you will find really helpful.
    I look forward to seeing you there.

  3. Hello Dami,
    please will you be kind enough to link me up with Fela Durontoye to forward my book for me?
    I will be greateful. thank you

  4. My dear brother You are a wonder. I am so encouraged by what you are doing. I REMEMBER THOSE DAYS AT UNILAG WHILE WE WERE SERVING GOD- I WAS IN LVCU AND U WERE IN TRF. PLS LETS RECONNECT- 08084803517

  5. Dear Tobi, it’s great to read from you. It’s amazing how far God has brought us from those days on campus. He is indeed FAITHFUL and TRUE. I can only imagine how much more He has in stock for us. With God, we can only get better. Stay on top!

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