I Should Have Told You About This Much Earlier.

The last one week has been interesting.

Think about the fact that I was “out of circulation” for the last three months of 2009.

Now I have to attend to the things that piled up in my absence.

Also consider the fact that I have several goals for 2010 and I have to deploy my resources to achieve my goals.

It’s all good.I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Okay.Enough about me.Let’s talk about you.

I hope you are doing well.

I apologise for not telling you this much earlier.

The good thing is that it is not too late.On january 30, 2010, I shall host my first seminar.

It’s tagged “SPEAK WITH POWER!”

And it will be an opportunity for you to learn How To Become A Highly Effective And Highly Sought-After Speaker…Even If You Have Never Held A Microphone Before And You Are Too Shy To Introduce Yourself!


Last year, several people contacted me to coach them in public speaking.

I declined…for two major reasons.

First, I felt I still had a lot to learn myself.

Secondly, I felt my schedule was already too busy for me to take on that responsibility.

Now, I have a rethink.

Since the end of “THE DEBATERS Reality TV Show”, my phone has been ringing “off the hook”, my inbox has been “stuffed” with messages.Many of those calls and messages are congratulatory and many have this request-“please can you help me improve my public speaking skills?”

I have been thinking about this seriously.I can’t keep on saying no.

The truth is that I have learnt soooooooo much from the over 200 public presesntations I have made over the last five years and from my intensive 3 month training at THE TALK ACADEMY.

I can’t deny it anymore.I have a lot to teach.

So I have decided to have an event where I and a few of my colleagues would teach you and others who are interested in learning what we have learnt so far in our public speaking career.

Here’s the thing-We would only be able to take very few people because “SPEAK TO WIN!” is NOT a motivational seminar.You will draw inspiration and motivation from it but it is NOT a motivational seminar.

It is a skill acquisition training so we are providing very few seats in order to be more effective.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you will learn:

You will learn…

***How to overcome the world’s greatest fear-the fear of public speaking.

***How to draw people to you and express yourself in ways you never thought you could.

***The 3 key elements of every great speech.

***3 mistakes speakers make and how to avoid them.

***7 habits of highly effective speakers.

***7 powerful ways to start a speech.

***How to deliver your message so people respond.

***How to get your voice to connect to the hearts of people.

***How to emit an aura of magnetism and influence by increasing your confidence and charisma.

***How to leave people with a strong sense of your presence, so they feel you in their spirits… so they ‘take you home with them’ in their hearts

***How to bring out the best in people and encourage, equip, and empower them to accept your views and unite their goals with your own

***And much, much more.

The Venue is SWEET SENSATION Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos.

The Time is 10am to 2pm.

The date is January 30, 2010.

Stay tuned for more information about “SPEAK TO WIN!”

6 thoughts on “I Should Have Told You About This Much Earlier.

  1. Thanks for taking out time to teach us,may God reward your labour of love. Is it possible for CD’s of the programme to be made available because as much as i’ll want to be there i can’t.

  2. Good work dearie. Keep it up. It will be good if the materials can somehow be made available for those of us who really wish to attend but can’t.

  3. Ever since u came to the LION’s LAIR camp in gwagwalada abuja. I’ve always kept touch on you sir. I voooooooted at the debaters as that was one of the least I could do. Now the big one is here, pls how can we in abuja benefit from this training? I need this training bad bad! I need this, its meant for me, what do I do now – Okechukwu Effoduh (great Axandica) TRF uni abuja 08029012291

  4. Happy new year!!! I have been reading your messages on facebook and i am so interested in this workshop.God has deposited this skill in you sir cause he expects you to channel it distribute it,use it to build and lead people to Christ to the glory of God. I am also in abuja and would love to attend is there any plan in place for people eager to grow in knowledge in abuja? Weldone thanks alot for submitting to God and letting HIM use you. please make arranagments for us thanks

  5. Happy New Year Pastor Dami! Indeed the year is packed full with challenges and promises alike. We will press into the rest God has reserved for us to partake of this year.
    Having heard and watched you speak, I have no doubt that, you are a great speaker…motivating and ‘pushing’ people into their God-ordained destiny.
    Will you be coming to Abuja? Lagos peeps should not get all the fun. I have no doubt that, your seminar will be great and successful one.
    Once more…Happy New Sir!

  6. @Busola and sis. Ope, the CDs and powerpoint slides of the presentations will be available by God’s grace.
    @Okey.Thanks a lot for voting for me during “THE DEBATERS”.
    I with you could make it down to Lagos for the seminar.If you can’t, no wahala, I’d work out something.
    @kellie.Thanks for your affirmation.
    @Ikechukwu.Happy New Year to you too.I don’t know when next I’ll be in Abuja but just stay tuned to this blog and you’ll get updates.
    To all my Abuja friends(and all my friends who are not in Lagos),
    I love you and I’ll work something out.

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