Lessons From The Richest Man In Babylon.


I believe that readers are leaders.

I ensure that I read as much as I can.

I just finished reading  George S. Clason’s classic, “The Richest Man In Babylon”, and I recommend you read it if you haven’t already.

Here are some of the lessons I learnt.I’m sure you’d find them useful too.

1.Money is one of the the parameters by which earthly success is measured.

Take it or leave it, money is one of the yardsticks by which earthly success is measured.

No matter how effective in other areas of your life, if you are not financially free, you are not totally free.

King Sololmon once said “even the wisdom of the poor man is despised.”

It is important to be wise.In fact, wisdom is the principal thing.With that in mind, our wisdom should find expression in our finances and help us create the wealth we require to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives.

2.Money is not everything but it can be used to acquire things that make life more enjoyable.

People say this often “money is not everything”.I absolutely agree.

However, nobody can dispute the fact that money can be used as a tool to acquire the stuff that make life more enjoyable.I relly don’t think its a bad idea to have those stuff as long as you are not obsessed by them.

3.Money is always attracted to those who understand the simple laws which govern its acquisition.

Money is no respecter of race, stature, educational background or sex.

It’s not your looks that determine how much money you have. There are beautiful people who are broke and there are “not-so-good-looking” people who are rich.

There are tall people who are neck-deep in debt and there are short people who are prosperous.

There are professors who are as poor as the word and there are people who can’t even spell their names correctly who are unbelievably wealthy.  Riches respond to principles not to sentiments.

4.Money is governed today by the same laws which controlled it thousands of years ago.

I love the fact that wealth creation  has been demystified. I appreciate the fact that wealth creation strategies can be learned.

The principles for making money can be learned. Laws are laws.The law of gravity applied two thousand years ago and it still applies today.

Likewise the laws of weath creation.The lawsof gravity applies to both black and white, tall and short, nice and nasty.

The same is true for wealth creation strategies.

5.You can choose to make money.

I have chosen to learn those principles and  apply them.I still have a long way to go so I’m glad to start now.

I choose to share what I learn on this trip towards financial prosperity with you. I hope you come with me.

Watch out for my next post because I will share more along these lines. Do drop a line or two and let me know what you think.

Feel free to share what you are learning too and let’s see how far we can go together.

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4 thoughts on “Lessons From The Richest Man In Babylon.

  1. Dear Damilola,
    Thank you for sharing your thought with me.
    I think that making money actually can be learned.
    Someone has said poverty is an habit- It has been said
    over and again that men create habit, but habit actually
    creates the man. Money Making Habit(MMH) are some of the thoughts
    i am developing, i just might share them sometime, when i conclude my study.
    Money Making Habit can be replicated, so i am glad we can all have a chance to be wealthy not just rich.

  2. @Odezi, it’s always an honour to be a blessing.
    @Emmanuel, i’m looking forward to hear/read what you are learning along these lines.

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