Live With Donald Trump and Anthony Robbins

Last weekend was an absolutely amazing one for me.
I had the opportunity of attending an event that has totally challenged and changed me.

The level of excellence was inspiring. The quality of content was mind-stretching. The networking opportunities were incredible. The passion to make a difference was palpable. The power of the human potential and the sense of purpose and destiny I felt will linger long in my mind. There were over 8000 purpose-driven, goal-oriented, let’s-go-for-more kind of people learning from 14 of the finest speakers in our generation. It was the kind of event I wish everyone could attend. It was the National Achievers Congress in London, England.

I believe that for you to be the best, you need to learn from the best. You need to learn from people who are already producing significant results in their own areas of influence. I was not disappointed at all. I got so much more than my money’s worth. The experience I had did more than leave an impression on me. It made an impact that I will never forget.

Since I didn’t see you there, I made this 1minute video for you. Moreover, if you attend the next session of DREAM Academy which starts exactly 4 months from today (November 5th- November 9th, 2012), I will be sharing the NEW INSIGHTS I gained from Donald Trump (Multi-Billionaire Entrepreneur), Anthony Robbins(World’s Number one Peak Performance Coach. No one understands the psychology of success like Tony!), Ron White( America’s number one memory expert), Adam Ginsberg(Ebay’s 20 million dollar man) and the other speakers who tore it up at the Congress. These are not things you will find in books. These are simple yet contemporary strategies that will change your life. That’s another reason to attend DREAM Academy. So clear your schedule and ensure that you make it down to The JobMag Center in Yaba, Lagos.

Here’s the video. Watch and kindly leave your comments in the comment box below. It’s always good to hear from you.

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