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God planted the seeds for DREAM Academy in my heart almost 5 years ago but it took me 3 years to birth it.

I believe in EXECUTING great ideas with great speed but I also know that EXECUTING those ideas with excellence often requires proper planning and patience

Since the first edition of DREAM Academy a little over two years ago, people have not stopped raving and asking questions about how they can be a part of it.

We have been inundated with testimonies of people who have gained clarity, built their confidence and taken important steps toward the future they truly desire as a result of the things they’ve learned from DREAM Academy.

Just recently one of our those who have attended the previous sessions launched her book.

Another has been busy running his own trainings and conducting seminars.

Many have created new streams of income.

Just in it’s third year, the milestones have been encouraging.

Where Is It Happening?

I’m happy to announce that the next session will hold in 2 countries- NIGERIA and ENGLAND.

You don’t have to be in both places. Just choose one.

Whether you attend the sessions in Nigeria or England, you are guaranteed world-class training.

We won’t compromise in anyway.

The details here are specifically for the sessions holding in Lagos, Nigeria just a few weeks from now.

When Is It Happening?

In Lagos, it’s Monday 11th of November through Friday 15th November.

I call it 5 DAYS of LEARNING for a LIFETIME of EARNING. 9am- 3pm daily.

People literally shed tears on the 5th day. It’s that deep!!!

What Topics Will We Cover?

We usually cover topics that are not usually covered in regular academic institutions. This year, we want you to DREAM BIG. We want to blow the limits off your mind and we are keen on helping you to GET THE MONEY YOU NEED for THE MISSION you have.

In the course of the 5 Day training, our different speakers will cover the following areas:

  • How to ATTRACT INVESTORS so that you use other people’s money in a stress-free and mutually beneficial way
  • How to RAISE CAPITAL for your BUSINESS and personal pursuits
  • How to tap into the POWER of DISCIPLINE- The secret of SuperAchievers
  • How to make your FIRST MILLION even if you are flat broke right now
  • How to design your MONEY MAP
  • How to create ENDURING WEALTH
  • And lots more.

If you have ideas for a PRODUCT, PROJECT or PROGRAM but you need funding for it; if you already have funding ang will focus on

Who Will Be Speaking?

We have made it a point of duty over the years to engage only THE BEST of THE BEST at DREAM Academy.

We are not all about the big names who may not be able to TEACH and communicate effectively. Back in school, I had some teachers who graduated with First Class degrees from Ivy League schools but just couldn’t communicate what they knew effectively. I struggled with that. I didn’t find it funny AT ALL.

Then again, I’ve met very eloquent speakers who have finesse and charm but do not have proven results and a track record of success in the topics they teach. That also is not cool.

That’s why the facilitators at DREAM Academy have a combination of both KNOW HOW and the required SKILLS to communicate CLEARLY. They are intelligent and sensitive. You can ask them questions and be sure to receive answers. No room for confusion at our trainings. You will leave with ABSOLUTE CLARITY.

Stay tuned to this blog for the names and profiles of our trainers this session.

Who Will You meet?

You will meet other positive, goal-oriented, purpose-driven, big-thinking world-changers like you. DREAM Academy is a place where deep friendships are cultivated and longterm partnerships develop. You’d meet people there and by the 3rd day, you will feel you’ve known them all your life.

You get a lot more than strategy. You also tap into new circles of influence.

More importantly, you will meet A NEW YOU. Like I say often, there’s a YOU in YOU that YOU are yet to meet but when YOU meet that YOU, YOU will be so YOU nobody can be YOU-ER than YOU. (It’s copyrighted!)

How Much Will It Cost?

It will cost you a whole lot more if you don’t sign up for the next session of DREAM Academy.

A good place to start is to ask “What will it cost me if I don’t step out to actualise my dreams?”

What will it cost me if I have all these bright ideas but never get the resources to finance them?

What will it cost me if I am still where I am today by this time next year simply because I refused to take advantage of this opportunity.

This is NOT a FREE event. It cost a bit of money. I say a bit because not coming for this ONE-WEEK training will cost you a whole lot more.

I have observed over the years that most people neither value nor use the things they don’t pay for. (Do you remember that book that you were given but you still haven’t read). One of the teachers God sent my way once said “You must learn to invest in your education”.

I want you to be an active investor in your success story.

How much will you pay to learn how to lead the life you’ve always dreamed about?

Some of the participants in our last session said the training was valued at as much as N1 000 000.

I took put out time to calculate the average value they placed on it and it came to N137 083.33

The average amount they would be willing to pay is N72 500.

These are actual figures I got from their feedback.

That means I could easily charge N50 000 for the next session of DREAM Academy.

How much would you lose if you don’t learn how to live your dreams?

If you don’t get equipped now, can you imagine how much more you could lose?

How much time you could lose?

How further behind you could be?

What is the true cost of ignorance?

What is the cost of regret?

If you don’t seize this great opportunity, it is likely that you make needless mistakes in your life, career and business.

One of the wisest men I know, Mike Murdock says

“There are two major ways to learn- from MENTORS and from MISTAKES”

I absolutely agree. Learning from mistakes is far more expensive than learning from mentors.

Mentors save us the stress of experimenting.

Mentors help us to gain wisdom without necessary going through the pains they had to go through.

Besides, mentors help to multiply the value we create and fast track our success. 

Not to worry. You won’t have to pay N50 000 even though this training is worth much more than that.

Then again, N30 000… That’s a fair price but I’m going to do something special.

I’d let you in… for much less. I realize that this is ridiculous.

If you think purely like a businessman, you ‘d realize that paying anything less than N30 000 doesn’t make sense because we are talking about over 20 hours of training by the best of the best in Nigeria that could save you 20 years of trial and error.

This will change your life forever…

but you won’t even pay N28 000.

Neither will you have to pay N26 000

I’m giving you a much better deal than that.

You will pay N25 000 only.

This is a tiny investment and I guarantee great return on your investment.

In our last session, one of our participants applied what he learned on DAY 2 and made more money than his registration fee.

If You Are A Student or “Youth Corper” with an ID card, You get 50% Discount.

That means you will pay N12, 500 Only. That’s simply because I’ve been a student before and I know how it feels to really desire something yet not have enough money to get it.

But here’s the challenge…

This offer is ONLY for the next 30 people.

We’ve had people come in to attend DREAM Academy from PORT HARCOURT, UMUAHIA,  and even BENIN Republic.

I can assure you that all these seats will be taken very quickly. SECURE YOUR Seat today.

Otherwise, you have to pay a whole lot more for it.

Pay Only N25 000 into this account:


219 832174 110


Then send your payment details and email address to with your personal phone number.

Once we confirm your payment, we will secure your seat.

Kindly leave your comments and questions below and I’d be glad to read and reply them.

P.S: You shouldn’t keep this to yourself. Share it with somebody and bring them along.

8 thoughts on “The Next Session of DREAM Academy

  1. Pls when is the session in England holding? I am indisposed during the November session in Lagos. Secondly, can I still get your CD at the discounted rate?

  2. Dear Dami,
    Thank you for inviting me to participate in a 5 day training on dream academy in Lagos Nigeria. Dami, the problem is that I do not have money to subscribe for this training and of course pay for accommodation.

    This is my problem. I have no money to spend anymore.

  3. I’m amazed, I must say. Seldom do I come across a blog that’s both educative and engaging,
    and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head.
    The problem is something which not enough people are speaking intelligently about.
    Now i’m very happy that I stumbled across this in my hunt
    for something relating to this.

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