11 Simple Secrets To A Super-Successful Year.

It’s a new year.

I celebrate you for making it…against all odds.

Some people started the last year but did not see the end of the year.

You probably know one or two of such people.

We do not spite them in any way because we realize that some of them were smarter, stronger and even more spiritual than many of us.We are only alive because God spared our lives.He spared our lives because He still has a significant role for us to play in His Masterplan.

It is important to keep this poignant thought in view so that we do not become conceited and take the favor of God for granted.It is also necessary to cherish this new year as God’s special gift to us such that we make the most of it.

I’d quickly share 11 simple secrets with you.

I am optimistic that they will help you become super-successful this year and in the years to come.

1. Put God First.

It is important to PUT GOD FIRST.

There are two sides to this:

First, start your day with Him.

I realize that we lead very busy lives.We have a tendency to wake up with a start, rush into the bathroom and dart off  to work.We seldom make out time for GOD in the morning.

One of the secrets of Jesus was that He woke up early every morning and spent time with God.

Little wonder he worked so many miracles.

Martin Luther got it right. He said, “I am very busy today, I have to take out the first three hours to pray.

When we make out time for God in the morning, He makes ways for us all through the day.

The second side to this, is to START EVERY PROJECT WITH GOD in mind.

Too many people revert to God only after they hit a brick wall. You don’t have to get into that cycle.

God is not a spare tire we employ once in a while. He is the steering wheel we engage all the time.

When you start with God, you can rest assured that everything will turn out just fine.

The wisest man who ever lived, King Solomon said “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.”

2.Let Yourself Go.

The past is always trying to make it into the future.

Unfortunately, it often succeeds ever so often.

It’s a new year…chronologically but for so many people it’s really an old year with a new date.

The only thing that has changed is the calender.Nothing else.

They are bogged in the quagmire of yesteryear’s pains, plights and problems.

Some are on a leash of unforgiveness.

Others are fettered by bitterness and incarcerated in the room of regret.

Their attachment to yesterday’s failures and sometimes, successes, prevents them from launching into a future prosperity and bliss.

It is important to let yourself off any hook that is keeping you from reaching for the bright future God has designed for you.

If you suffered some setbacks last year, press on.Better days are ahead.

If you recorded staggering success, press on.Better days are ahead.

There’s always a better day ahead.Each of the 365 days of this year presents  exciting opportunities for growth.

Don’t rob yourself.

Let yourself Go.

3.Overcome Inertia.

You have heard the saying, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

That is true.

Unfortunately, the first step is usually the most difficult to take.

We are often bombarded with a plurality of  “reasons” to remain where we are.

It is comfortable to conform.

We do not like to stick out like a sore thumb.

We do not want to be the sacrificial lambs.

We do not want to be the scape goats, so we just “hold our peace” and stay in our comfort zones.

That may seem like a smart decision, but only for a short while.Soon, it becomes clear that we must be willing to stick out our necks if we must wear the medal of greatness.

Even the snail knows that it must stick out it’s neck in order to make progress.

Cowards conform.

Heroes don’t conform, they conquer.

You are not a coward.Don’t conform this year.Don’t conform to man made limitations.

Stretch. Reach out. Overcome inertia.

You are a hero.Conquer!

There are eight other secrets I’d share with you so watch out for the next part of this blog post.

P.S: It’s always a pleasure reading your comments and answering your questions so if you have any, leave them in the box below.

P.P.S: Have a Productive and Prosperous Year.

16 thoughts on “11 Simple Secrets To A Super-Successful Year.

  1. Thank you very much for your word of inspiration!
    I’m very motivated, thank you for allowing God
    use you to bless this generation. God bless you richly in Jesus’ name, Amen!

  2. Compliments of the season and happy new year. Its nice reading this, at least to start my day.” It is comfortable to conform”, I love that and I think this post is for me to start this year on a good note. Am waiting for the remaining secrets please. Have a fulfilling 2011.

  3. Very Inspirational and on point. These 3 Points alone are game changing. I’m revved up.

    Also like the imagery “even the snail knows its got to stick out its neck in order to make progress”
    Thank you Pastor D.

  4. I really want 2tank u 4ur 1daful newsletas,its encouraging.i am very sure dat wit God n som1 like u around,its gonna b agreat n fruitful yr.tanx 4bn dere.

  5. Damilola,happy new year to you too and as usual,your article is inspirational,it gingers one to possibility and positive thinking.More of God’s inspiration are my wishes for you this year.

  6. Thanks people, it’s really great to read your comments.
    Kindly share the link on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.
    It’s easy, you could just copy and paste the link on your wall or simply click on the FACEBOOK and TWITTER icons right after the post (where you have ‘share and enjoy'”)


  7. Wow!! Pastor Dammy, you are always coming out with something unique, there are no better ways to start 2011 than these. God bless you sir.

  8. I love reading your posts, because they are filled with insight.
    Thanks for the words of inspiration, it’s a wonderful way to begin the new year.

  9. Awesome is the word. Happy new year to you also. We are taking off at once as we are not going to taxi this year.thank for being a voice….i celebrate you

  10. This is amazing. I felt like crying when i didn’t see d other points but i’m consoling myself with d fact that these 3 points are starters & i’ll get 2 see the others soon. God bles u Pst Dami, u r d bst.

  11. i wish u were my english teacher, and i must confess dat you are da bomb.just like OLIVER TWINS; pls sir! i want some mooore

  12. .. Simple but really great secrets to a great year. Lol @ ‘ but for so many people it’s really an old year with a new date’. Looking forward to reading the other 8 secrets. God bless you pastor Dami!

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