2012: Your Best Year Yet?

It’s already five days into this year but it’s still relatively new so I’d say “Happy New Year.”

2011 was an interesting year. I presented us with diverse challenges and opportunities. You can be sure that 2012 will be similar.

No doubt, there will be stunning surprises as well as breath-taking breakthroughs but none of these will matter except we position ourselves to make the most of everyday.

There are strong indications that the economic recession will bite harder and several parts of Africa will be hard hit.

In Nigeria, we are already grappling with policy changes that are generating heated debates. These are telltale signs of unprecedented lifestyle changes. Whether we like it or not, change is bound to happen. What we must be concerned about now is the impact the change has on us. Will it be positive or negative?

That boils down to one primary factor-our DECISIONS.

We may not be able to control many things this year-the price of fuel, the temperature of the sun, the frequency of floods, the popularity of Reality TV shows but we can control our DECISIONS-more often than not. We must never relinquish control over the things for which we should take responsibility.

2012 may be tough for most people but it could be your best year yet. If you make the right decisions. You may make mistakes but that doesn’t mean everything will fall apart.

I’ve made up my mind that this is my best year yet. I’m conscious of God’s presence. I’m aware that He has positioned people, opportunities and resources at different points and places to help me fulfill my mandate. I challenge you to adopt this mindset.

Regardless of how things turn out, they will work together for our good.

That’s the spirit.

2 thoughts on “2012: Your Best Year Yet?

  1. I hope is isn’t late 4 me 2 come across this sensational write-up. a well appointed one in a time of great needs (2012) especially in Nigeria where both Physical and Spiritual Viruses have eaten deep down every fibre of the country.. keep it up Sir.. We love you.
    am just too lucky for having a copy of your “JUST DO IT”

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