It’s Out And “It’s Too Good To Be Ignored!”

I know you are eager to know what “it” is.

If we are friends on facebook, you may have an idea of what “it” is.

You may have seen “its” picture or read an update I put up about “it”.

If you still don’t know what “it” is, not to worry, I’d let the cat out of the bag in a jiffy.

It’s the second print of my book, “JUST DO IT!…Turn Your Momentum-Breakers Into Momentum-Builders”.

Research shows that most Nigerian authors never sell more than 500 copies of their work.Consequently, they never exhaust their first print, talk less of doing a second print.

With that in mind, I’m excited to let you know that we sold out our first print of JUST DO IT sorely on a personal basis.Not one copy was sold through a bookstore or bookseller.Now, THAT’S A TESTIMONY!

It’s even more interesting to realize that even though I was privileged to write the book, every time I read it, I still draw fresh wisdom and divine inspiration from it and if the feedback I have is anything to go by, the book is a huge blessing to several other people. As you may know, I didn’t write the book for myself.

I wrote it for you.I wrote it for our generation and those coming after us.

Last week, one of my female buddies, Sophie, saw it and she was really impressed and excited to say the least.

She was so elated, she had no idea when she said “I didn’t plan to buy it.I’m not sure I have sufficient cash but meeeen, this is to good to be ignored…”

Thankfully, she had enough money on her to buy a copy and you should have seen the glow on her face.

As good as the book is, you do not need to break the bank to get a copy…or even several copies.By the way it’s advisable to get several copies.


Because several people have told me “Dami, I still haven’t read your book o.Somebody collected the copy I bought before I started reading it.”It’s advisable to get several copies so that if a friend or family member takes one, you can still have one you can call yours.

The response has been encouraging.

Not surprising though. The message is hot, fresh and fast-paced.It is 40 pages of unconventional wisdom and the average reading time is 1 hour.

I know it’s something you need to read and more importantly apply.

You can get the soft copy here, if you haven’t done that already.IT’S FREE.

More importantly, you need to get your hard copy before we run out of copies again.

I tell you-the books are moving really fast and you need to get yours.

I’m still consulting with individual book sellers and bookstores in order to facilitate better distribution.WE WANT TO TAKE THIS TO THE NEXT LEVEL:We want to place the book in the hands of every Nigerian who can read.

It may be daunting but it’s not impossible.It will take some time but delay is not denial.

I’d give you more information as we cover new grounds.

I believe that I have a lot to learn from you just as you may learn a thing or two from me.I’m open to suggestions.If there is any thing you think I could do better, please let me know.

If you think that the “JUST DO IT!” message is something more people should hear and you’d like to join hands with me to make that happen, do let me know.I believe that there is none of us that is greater than all of us if we stand together.I’D APPRECIATE YOUR FEEDBACK, QUESTIONS AND SUGGESTIONS so kindly write them in the comment box below.

Together, we’ll do great things.Today, it’s my book.Tomorrow, it may be yours but the truth is…it’s more than your book or mine…it’s about leaving a legacy…empowering people, securing destiny and establishing God’s kingdom.


16 thoughts on “It’s Out And “It’s Too Good To Be Ignored!”

  1. hey dammy, u are doing a great job…’s amazing to know we still have focused youths who are sold out to kingdom building.i just knew that there was something about you when i watch the debaters season 1…well done..pls don’t stop now

  2. Yes Erewa.
    I’m sure you will.
    @Fehinti, thanks fro your kind remarks.

    I give God all the glory for everything.
    I won’t stop as He continues to give me grace.I’ll press on to the end.

  3. Pastor Dammy, CONGRATULATIONS.
    you have been a source of inspiration to many.
    May God continue to crown your effort with success and give you grace and strength for the journey ahead of you.

  4. So glad it’s out. The first copy was a huge blessing to me! P. Dami may God increase you on every side. God bless you real good!

  5. My bro! I don’t need to ask if you are doing GREAT because my prayer for you and those of us who are PLANTING God’s KINGDOM on earth is to be STRONG in the LORD and in the POWER of His MIGHT.
    Please! know that your RELEVANCE… making the rest of us take our STAND! And your INSPIRATION…….is creating space for our MANIFESTATION!

    Keep the GREAT WORK……..You just got STARTED!

    God bless you RICHLY………….



  6. Congratulation Dammy for the testimony on the first edition and on this second print. Bought 4 copies of the first copies, kept one and gave the others to my friends.

  7. Hello oluwatoyinbo damilola. Am not surprised at d way u grow each day becos d very first day I saw u on debater season 1, I know ua what the world is waiting for. U have not started at all. The Lord is ur strenght. U make all d difference.

  8. read the book about ten times and still counting… really inspiring and so impacting.will u be coming for fifi’s grad in futa cos ill need like 3 of the books and about 10 of the notepads if posible…

  9. @Chisom, I’m glad you were blessed by “JUST DO IT!”
    Kindly tell your friends online and offline about it.
    Send them this link so that they can also download their free e-copies and receive updates just like you do.

    @Riches, thanks man.
    I feel your support.
    Hope you got there in good time on saturday.

    @Paul, thanks for the purchase.
    Wow, you got for yourself and your friends-that’s the way to go!
    That way, you are sure that you’d keep your copy to yourself.
    Everyone should do that.

    @Omolola, thanks…thanks and thanks again.
    Please do keep me in your prayers.

    @Monblaze, thanks.

    @Oluwalonimi, you’ve read it 10times and still counting!
    That’s so encouraging.Thanks a lot.
    I’m not sure that I will be at Fify’s grad but I’d send some through Ife or Brotimi.I’m not sure I have jotters for now but I’d check.

    Stay on top.
    I love you.

  10. Read ur 1st book long b4 i met u @ trf,it sure is awakening,i knw u r wired 4 so much mr,d 1st does nt hv 2 b d best!cant wait 2 c wats nxt.dt was a gud job u did @ ife.

  11. Hi Dammy, I just saw the book with my Teens Pastor this morning. It is actually too good to be ignored. I have booked for my copy from him already. Keep firing down….. The Lord Is Your Muscle. More consignment for your assignment. I am still waiting for your confirmation on face book.

    1. Dami wow oh you are so impressived and itelligence, in fact am so inspired with ur lectures and ur books , I must grap many hard copies. Congratulations Dami u are indeed a God sent

  12. I know whatever comes from uu would surely be good. . . I jst hope ii gett to buy a copy of mine soon. . Stay blessed- mentor:)

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