My Humble Donation To your Destiny

Many years ago, one of my mentor forced  these line into my brain “excuses are tools of the incompetent, monuments of nothing;those that use them are not wise and they rarely succeed in life.”

Just in case you are wondering why I started this post with  that seemingly insensitive statement,I’ll tell you-it just occured to me that its been almost three weeks since I posted any write up on this blog.

As you may have guessed, I immediately gave myself a thousand and one “reasons” for that but on a second thought I reminded myself of those life-changing lines…

The truth is you’d always have enough reasons for not doing what you know you should do.

You know what I’m saying, don’t you?

There would always be a reason why you should arrive at the meeting late…heavy traffic, unprecedented delays

A reason for you to put up that nasty attitude…they got on your nerves right?

A reason to oversleep…you were dog-tired the night before uhn?

A reason to overeat…you are famished(that’s not your fault, or is it?)

A reason to abuse the other fellow (we call it speaking our minds)

A reason to break that promise…things don’t always turn out the way we plan.

A reason to not put up a post for almost three weeks…

Well, what I’ve discovered is that no matter how many reasons you have to not do what you know you ought to do, all you need is just one reason to do it.

That sounds somewhat ambiguos, so I might as well put it this way-all you need is one reason to get something done.

That one reason becomes your MOTIVATIONMOTIVE FOR ACTION.


I have asked myself the question “why did you set up this blog?”

The truth is there are many reasons but the primary reason, my ultimate motivation is to enrich the lives of others by providing quality information on personal transformation, business optimization and social reformation.

This blog is my donation to your life and your mission.

That is why I have made a resolution to keep it alive and not let my other “busynesses” distract me from making my contribution to your life.

I may never be able to feed all the hungry children in the world but I can feed a couple of people whose minds are hungry for wisdom.

I might not be able to break every innocent person out of their  prisons like Michael Scoffield but I sure can release a couple of people out of their emotional, psychological and spiritual constraints.

I might not be able to give you a hug but I might be able to warm you up with my words and get you revved up to fulfill your purpose in life.

I am going to put up new posts regularly and I hope you’d help me by telling me what kind of information you’d like to get.

All you’ve got to do is drop your comments right below every post and we’d get rolling.

This is my humble contribution to your destiny and I hope you like it.

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