11 Simple Secrets To A Super-Successful Year.(Part 2)

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I received a lot of comments from people who were inspired by it.

I earnestly hope that you have made good use of the truths I shared.

I shared three vital points.

1.Put GOD first.

2.Let yourself go.

3.Overcome Inertia.

There are eight more points but I’d share only four of them now.

4.Set Goals

A person who has no goals is susceptible to confusion and frustration.

Imagine a football match without goalposts. The players will tire out within a short time.

Imagine a sniper without a target. He’d become weary within a short time.

Imagine a

Goals help us to maintain focus.

One man said, “If a man doesn’t know where he is going, anywhere becomes his destination.”

It is easier to get to a destination when it is clearly defined.

When you set goals,you position yourself for better performance and higher productivity.

5.Embrace Excellence

A lot of people are doing a lot of things.

Few people are doing the right things.

Fewer people are doing things right.

Fola Adeola, a co-founder of  one of Nigeria’s most respected banks, Guaranty Trust Bank, says, “If we do it well, we will do well.”

Your “it” might be writing a book, building a house for a client or designing a website.

Whatever your “it” is, do “it” well.

It is good to do the right things, but it is better to do things right.

Over the years, several people have asked Jack Welch what his success secrets are.He has shared several insights but one of them is that he DID A LOT OF THINGS RIGHT.

Many people do some things right but the most successful people do a lot of things right.

This year, commit yourself to excellence.

Celebrate excellence.Embrace excellence.

Remember, doing things a little better will make you a lot better.

6.Discipline Yourself

Discipline is one of the keys to mastery.

Great institutions are built by great men.Greatness is the product of discipline.

Nobody becomes great by luck.Greatness is carefully cultivated through several painful processes and seasons of sacrifice.It takes discipline to endure those rigorous processes.

King Solomon of ancient Israel compares a person who lacks discipline to a city with broken walls.The implication is that anything can go in and out. Think about that. A person who lacks discipline is like a strainer. He is porous-unable to hold anything substantial. He lacks the capacity to preserve what he procures, to process what he possesses and to maintain what he attains.

Discipline is seldom pleasant but it is a prerequisite for greatness.

There are two pains in life. There is the pain of discipline but there is also the pain of regret.

Which would you rather choose?

7.Stay Strong

In recent times, this has become one of my favorite phrases. Stay strong.

We live in challenging times. Ours is a complex generation.

There are many things that seek to weaken us…on a daily basis.

From heart-breaking headlines  to the pressure of living in a high-tech generation.

We are constantly confronted with issues that seek to strip of us our strength and confidence.

No doubt, the weak and wobbly will not last long, let alone reach the top. You have to make a decision to STAY STRONG and STAND FAST.

In war, there are only three categories of people- the COWARDS, the CASUALTIES and the CONQUERORS.

The cowards cower in the trenches.They flee at the sound of war.

The casualties stand…but only for a short time.

The conquerors stand until they are victorious.

We are conquerors.In fact, we are more than conquerors through Christ.

Don’t faint this year.No matter what attack the enemy launches against you, STAY STRONG!

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12 thoughts on “11 Simple Secrets To A Super-Successful Year.(Part 2)

  1. Thanks. I can’t wait for the concluding part of these success tips. Staying strong is the key for my success this year, for if I fail in d days of adversary my strenght is small. I pray for one thing this year though, THAT I MAY STAY STRONG & STEADFAST. Thanks once again for been such a blessing to this generation.

  2. Tank u sir for these great tips. I ll ensure that i work in the areas of discipline and staying strong for i believe that i can also finish strong when i do alot of thjngs right with a great deal of excelence

  3. Great work bro, keep up the release of these inspiring words, they are indeed due words in season. May God continue to nourish you with supernatural insight from above… Thanks for being part of Men On Mission 2011, appreciate you deeply. Thank you bro.

  4. Incisive and right on point Sir! Point 5 reminds me of a favourite quote ” excellence is never an accident; its always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities”.
    Thanks for your commitment and consistency. See you on top in every month 2011.

  5. u always inspire every time.Thank you so much.i had to share it on my fb page…i celebrate you.pls keep up the good work

  6. Thanks for great post!
    I rarely get to read articles of such quality in the net. I really loved the part of Discipline and Excellence. Honestly, i really miss self discipline and this was something i was looking for now- something inspiring. Cuz i go through tough times at college because of that.
    When i was visiting school or working in an office i didn’t realise how much undisciplined I am. And now when i am a student and no one “controls” me I faced a real trouble of even wake up early and get to work not even to talk about tuning off tv series.

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