2009 secrets to a great 2009? part 2


I promised to share more secrets with you.I’m really sorry this post is coming a little later than you anticipated.

So here you go.

Change your belief system.

The level of thinking that has brought you this far may not be good enough for your next level.

Your expectations for 2009 should be higher than those of 2008.You may say “but I was disappointed last year because my expectations were too high.” You might even be tempted to conclude like some others have that “blessed are they who have low expectations for they shall not be disappointed.”

Don’t fall into that trap.

Be Nice.

Someone once said “kindness is a fruit of the spirit not niceness.”Your guess is as good as mine-that statement is often used as an excuse for self-centredness.Don’t make it one of your favorite quotes this year.Go out of your way to do stuff for people.Now, I don’t mean you should that all the time(I don’t do that all the time but I try), but do it often till it becomes natural so that when next someone says “thanks a lot” you’d  say “it’s a pleasure” and not “it’s a pressure!”

Read at least one book every month.

Readers are Leaders.To be successful in life, you must have a deep thirst for kowledge.To be effective this  year you must read.You must read people, situations and books.A book gives you an opportunity to learn what the author knows without necessarily going through the pain and heartache he/she went through to learn those things.

Browse the internet regularly.

This is 2009 not 1999 and if you are far from the internet, you’d be stuck with some really old ways of thinking and obsolete strategies.There’s so much informaton on the internet.There are great sites that provide information on a pluralty of subjects-from personal and professional development to internet marketing and wealth creation. Take advantage of such sites.Most of them are free.Don’t watch the world pass you by.

Work like you’ll only live once on this earth.

This year, work like you’ll only live once because you’ll only live once on this earth.

You have so much in you but the only way you’d ever realise your true potential is to work on and with your gifts.Work is an opportunity to express your worth.Don’t despise work this year, embrace it.Enjoy it.

watch out for some more.

5 thoughts on “2009 secrets to a great 2009? part 2

  1. Hi, nice post,

    I really like the part where you said “work like you’ll only live once on this earth” I think im going to write this down and stick it on my fridge because last year I worked on heaps of fruitless projects… it will help keep me focussed and productive, afterall I dont want to work 24/7, we all need to spend time with loved ones.

    And your other point “read at least 1 book a month” I think this month I’m going to read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho – Great book!


  2. Hi Ryans, I’m so delighted that you found those points useful.Thanks for stopping by.I’d definitely rush off to your site.I’m sure I’ll learn something from you too.

  3. My guy
    am getting to love your blog
    keep the fire burning
    dont stop flying
    you have what it takes to fulfill your goals,
    heavy is your shoulders for the responsibilities that rest on it.

  4. One book a month? Am a huge Ted Dekker fan but i ain’t read much in a while. Guess i’ll start. It’s never too late now. I hope. . . . LRAL

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