2009 secrets to a great 2009?

Don’t get scared.

You won’t have to read all 2009 secrets in one post.

As a matter of fact, I don’t have anything close to 2009 secrets.If I did, it would probably take the whole year for us to get through the long list.

I am not a big fan of extremely long emails or blog posts so i won’t belabor you with an endless string of do’s or don’ts.

Just a few secrets that will help you make the most of this year.

I promise to keep this post simple and straight to the point.

Seek God with all your heart.

Don’t fool around this year.

Seek God with all your heart.Pray.Study His Word.Don’t wait for a general fast .Take out time to wait on Him.

Make the most of every moment.

You are not getting any younger.Some time in the course of this year, you’d be year older.Make the most of every second this year.Eliminate every time-waster in your life.

Build enriching relationships.

Don’t wait for people to connect with you.Make an effort to connect with people.Be kind.Make phone calls.Send emails(God has to help me with this one.)

Discover and develop your gifts.

Your GIFT is your LIFT.Discover it, if you haven’t already.Devote yourself to it.Then spend more time fine-tuning it till it shines.

I guess your hands are full already.I’d give you the others in another post, so drop by over the next few days for the remaining “secrets”.

Meanwhile, have fun.

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