I missed my flight…twice!(contd.)

I had the privileged of being the speaker at an event at the famous University of Benin on sunday, the twentieth of April and it was an experience to say the least.

It was my first time in that ancient city and that visit is one I won’t forget for several reasons.

First of all, I spent almost seven hours on my way to Benin.I was told that it was a three and a half hour journey but to my consternation, I spent twice as much time as I had budgeted.The roads were as bumpy as the road to golgotha.Thankfully, a few things got me going-the interesting conversations of the other passengers, a book I was reading and most of all the assignment I had ahead of me.

Secondly, I got to Benin just in time for my presentation.I had a few minutes to munch on something.Then I was ushered to the venue.

I spoke about personal transformation.I buttressed the fact that transformation is always a function of revelation.The more revelation you have, the more transformation you’ll experience.


I used a mirror to drive home the point.God’s word to us is like a mirror.It shows us who we really are and just like we make necessary adjustment when we look in the mirror, we ought also to make adjustments in our mindsets, attitudes, opinions, relationships and expectations when we look into the mirror of God’s word.

When we look into physical mirrors, we make up our faces but when we look into the Word, we make up our minds.

I felt fulfilled at the end of my message to those young people.I knew they were fired up to reach for more of God and ultimately to discover  more of what they could become.I knew there were scores of people whose passion for life-changing information had been rekindled; young men and women who will not rest till they become all they could be.

After that interesting session, I chatted with a few people and made a handful of friends.Then, I was chauffered to my lodge and I had a wonderful night rest… 

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