3 Simple Ways To Minimize Monday Madness.


You may have heard famous phrases like, “Thank God It’s Friday” and “Mondays Suck, Fridays Rock!”…well, I just came up with that second phrase.

But I’m sure you get the point. Most of us prefer the end of the week to the beginning of the week. The “favored few”  who are immunized from Monday Madness are those who are genuinely in love with their profession and have successfully built solid structures that take the pressure of their work off them.

Monday mornings often come with the mad rush through traffic, amidst blaring horns, impatient motorists and hasty pedestrians; High tension board meetings with new deadlines and cranky colleagues who act like they left their manners in their thrash cans back home.

Well, regardless of how much we love Fridays and dislike Mondays, they both come around once a week so the question is “How do I minimize or eliminate Monday Madness?”

I have three simple suggestions.

1.Do What You Love or Love What You Do.

A survey in the U.S reveals that the highest cases of cardiac arrests are recorded on Monday Mornings. The reason isn’t far-fetched. Most people start the week with feelings of fear, apprehension, uncertainty and in some cases depression. They do not Do what they love, neither do they love what they do.

It is advisable to pursue a career that offers you a sense of fulfillment; a career that is either in line with your passions or purpose in life.

In case you are already far gone in a field that is not in your area of interest, it may not be a wise decision to quit immediately but what you could do is to DECIDE to LOVE what you do. Make a decision to ENJOY what you do.

2.Make Up Your Mind To Make An Impact Not Just An Income.

Most people work to earn a living but the most successful people work to enrich lives.

If your ONLY motivation you have to do what you do is money, please CHECK YOURSELF so you don’t WRECK YOURSELF.

It is important to have enough money to lead a decent lifestyle (whatever your definition of decent is) however, it is more important to realize that INCOME is secondary to IMPACT.

Your IMPACT is what gives you the right to have an INCOME.

Redefine what you do and it will help you change how you do what you do.

Instead of saying, “I’m a Barber” say, “I make people look good by cutting their hair.”

Instead of saying, “I’m a Motor mechanic” say, “I help people become more productive by putting their cars in the best form possible.”

Instead of saying, “I’m a Medical Doctor” say, “I help people feel better, look younger and live longer…”

It may sound “strange” at first but if you keep on reminding yourself that IMPACT comes before INCOME, you will minimize Monday Madness and maximize your Monthly income.

3.Manage Your Emotions No Matter What Happens.

You had a put up with a lot already and you just wanted a break. The pressure on you within the last hour was a whole week’s worth and just when you thought you could return to your cubicle to catch your breath, a “silly billy” makes a snide remark about you and every one burst out in laughter. You tried to ignore them but they continued as if it was a concerted effort to tick you off.

Well, if it  was, they succeeded because you lost your cool and took of your garb of “Miss Prim and Proper”. You gave them a piece of your mind. You called their fathers Pigs and their mothers Prostitutes.You went on and on until you exhausted your “Vocabulary of Vulgarity”. Oops!

As if that was the remedy, they shut up in disbelief. You felt a WHOLE LOT better…at least for a short while.

Then it dawned on you that you had gone a little too far. You were hurt by what they said about you but you didn’t just hurt them, you CRUSHED them. You had made enemies out of them and somehow, you wished you could take those words back.


The truth is that people will get on your nerves, especially on Mondays and you can choose to manage your emotions or mismanage the situation.

It’s not always easy to “play the fool” but it’s always worth it. It adds value to you. It develops your character. It earns you the respect of your surbodinates, the admiration of your colleagues and the appreciation of your superiors. Try it. You’ll see it works.

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18 thoughts on “3 Simple Ways To Minimize Monday Madness.

  1. Another Excellent Piece of Write-up from a Rare- GENIUS! Damilola, Nigeria will be Excellent with People like U. Im privileged knowing U.

  2. Hi damilola,anytym i read ur post,its always inspiring. Am impresed by ur will,determination n d way u’v always made us proud of u. Am an ex-fedacadian n i must say am nt always surprised wen i c any of us doing gud cuz ”only d best s gud enuf for us” i remember d last speech u gav b4 u left fedacad,was in j-class den bt will neva 4gt hw impresd i was dat afternoon. Am an aspiring filmmaker n i hope we’ll work 2geda one of dis days. Kudos bro, lets keep piloting d ship to depth yet unknown.

    1. Yakub, thanks for your kind words. It’s great to know that you are fellow “Sulacadian”. You know, I don’t even remember that last speech but I’m glad that you were inspired by it. Keep on keeping on and you will achieve your goals. Like you said, we’d keep piloting the ship to new depths as we keep the flag flying high!

  3. wat an effective &efficient word at a tym lyk this..ur words ar power packed,transformin and inspiring..

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