5 Things You Must Do For Your Children.

Children are passports to the future.

They are the only way we can be a part of the future.

Children are God’s strategy to ensure the  continuity of life.

Long after we have completed our assignments on earth and have departed this clime, our children will be here.

Whether they will advance our course or go contrary to God’s purpose, plan and program is largely dependent on how we engage them now.

One Psalmist in the bible compares children to arrows. It’s important to know that arrows don’t shoot themselves. For arrows to hit their target, they have to be sharpened, aimed and skilfully released by a seasoned warrior. The implication is that the effectiveness of the arrow is often a reflection of the diligence of the warrior. In a similar fashion, the success of our children is connected to our diligence.

If we are super-parents, we’d raise super-kids. If we are lazy parents, we’d raise indolent kids.

There are a few things I would recommend that we do as parents, guardians and mentors.



Love is one of man’s essential needs.

We all love to be loved. Love is the foundation of long-lasting and meaningful relationships.

An easy way to connect with your kids is to love them. Ensure that you show them and tell them that you love them.



Never assume that kids know what to do.

The best of kids is still a kid at his best.

Training requires patience and time. Take out time to invest in them.



Remember the old adage: “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.”

Children don’t hate correction but they dislike harsh remarks and embarrassment.

When you correct them, be firm yet gentle. Never try to kill an ant with a sledge hammer. You’ll do more harm than good.



Kids love parties. They love celebration.

Seize every opportunity to celebrate them. Let them know that they are the best.

Please that even the most troublesome kids have some great attribute. Focus on those great attributes and watch the not-so-good melt away.



Prayer is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give them.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come unto me.” The he blessed them.

Pray for your children. Praying for them is your full time responsibility.  Prayer can’t be restricted by time or space so even if you are not in the same geographical location with them, your prayers could still reach them.

You know that we are in dark and desperate times. Times when perversion is fashionable and sexual innuendos saturate the airwaves. If Jesus doesn’t help us, who will and if we don’t ask him to take care of our kids, then we might not be taking full advantage of the blessings that he has already secured for us.

P.S.: Happy Children’s Day.




13 thoughts on “5 Things You Must Do For Your Children.

  1. Thanks for saying “thanks”, Ademola. God bless you too. You can be sure that I’d keep on working as God grants me grace and strength. I appreciate you.

  2. u av done a great job here pastor dami..i pray God wl grant fruit of womb un2 those dt ar yet 2 av

  3. I can’t read these without putting it into action.
    It’s strong and touching. I’m so motivated and delighted.
    Thumbs Up. . . . . . . . .
    Bless you….P.D

  4. even when the child does something wrong , I spank , and then after sometime of crying for d child , I carry, hug, peck and give the reason for the spanking.
    Nice piece P.D.
    DR CJ AWA . Umuahia . SOJF .

  5. Wao!..pst dami i lik ur gut reaction to dis facts,this is a remarkably write up. Thank u so much,u r bless sir…
    Pls sir can i share dis in my up coming magazine.

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