A Few Thoughts About True Love.

I can imagine that a lot of people will read this post.

There’s just something about the word “Love” that draws people.

We are all different. Some of us are privileged to sit atop our own businesses and organizations.Others are just working our way to the top…against all odds.

Some of us have assets that run into several millions of dollars. Others are just getting by.

Some of us are happily married. Others are single and searching.

Some of us are endowed with good looks. Others have to make up for that someway or the other but one thing we all desire-regardless of our size, stature or status, is TRUE LOVE.

We all want to be appreciated and celebrated not just accepted and tolerated. It’s an innate desire that we all have.

Our quest for TRUE LOVE has led some of us to the brink or even the depths of molestation while the rest of us have had it a lot easier and better.

Whatever side of the divide you currently belong to, there are a few things that we all must understand and consistently remind ourselves of when it comes to love.

TRUE LOVE is not about the hype or how fast you type when you chat with your loved ones on skype.

It’s not about tagging your spouse’s picture on Facebook or applying all the tips in your favorite marriage guidebook.

It’s not about raunchy videos on YouTube or wearing that transparent boob tube.

It’s not about making your voice sound sweeter or leaving lusty lines on Twitter.

It beyond the length of your skirt and the quality of your shirt.

It’s beyond your sexual involvement and your financial investment.

It’s about devotion, dedication, sacrifice.

True love is not about the height of your excitement. It’s about the depth of your commitment. Now, that’s not easy.

French-kissing is easy. Making out is easy. Posting fancy pictures on your BlackBerry device is easy. Sending heartwarming love notes is easy but staying there when you don’t feel like is not easy. Standing by the bedside of your partner for hours in the hospital ward is not easy. Enduring their nuances and temper tantrums is not easy. Forgiving their faults and over-looking their imperfections where necessary, is not easy.

Don’t get caught up with the sentimental scenes of the popular Romantic Comedies on satellite television. They are good for entertainment and sometimes they educate but when push comes to shove, what will keep you going are not the butterflies in your stomach. It’s the resolution in your heart to love the unlovable, forgive the unforgivable and give more than you’d ever expect to give.

That’s very tough and humanly speaking, almost impossible.

That’s why you need God.

9 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts About True Love.

  1. I agree with you dami, but sometime l wonder if we as human can give out real love to others, dis is because our very own nature as mortals fails us. I think the only one day can give us that love is christ jesus. Human can fail but God cannot and never fail.

  2. I wuz WOOin n WOWin alot wen readin dis cuz it has dat “SPEAKIN DIRECTLY 2ME” effect n also dos RHYME,CATCHY statements were a perfect use of words n a direct blow 2d brain.DAT SAID…i agree wit u cuz i CLICKED on dis link cuz it has 2do wit LOVE.most pple (me included) are searchin 4dat true,sacrificin,selfless love dat wud sweep us off our feet,but we usually end up gettin disappointed cuz love these days iz takin new shapes,colours,patterns n forms.at d end of d day wen we’v gone round in circles we end up comin back 2 Him who d Bible says is love (1 JOHN 4:8b) GOD HELP US ALL

  3. Nice write-up,but there is this question i keep asking myself if true love does exist?Am not bother about myself cos i know i can give such love but am bothered cos d people threw it back at ur face n give me reason to believe that it does nt exist in our world. I ve come to the conclusion that it’s only the love we get 4rm our lord Jesus dat comes pure and sincere and maybe dat’s all we need while our relationship with our fellow human should jus be base on tolerance.

  4. pastor dami,true love to me is covenant cos it means u’re joined to dat person not by all other factors but by God and means wen u say i do,one shld get ready to be committed no matter wat happens,as humans we may not b able to do dat on our own freewill but once we’ve committed to Christ,He gives us d grace to love truly…..

  5. True love is rare but does exit, Christ showed us the example to follow, and he can equip us to do likewise if we are obedient to his leading, a mother often shows this type of love to her baby, she bears his/her tantrums and refusal to sleep at night, and uncontrollable demands for food at 3am!, showing the same deliberate dedication, and purposefully persistent love to one’s spouse is what is required by God and we can do it, with the power Christ gives, without God we could NEVER love anyone, not even ourselves.

  6. Every man is weak but I like what Dami said that LOVE is about depth of commitment. frankly speaking, most relationships and even marriages have wrong foundations and when turbulence comes, such hardly stand.
    That is why we have so many broken homes and single parents.
    Less emphasis should be laid on material things and more on character traits, long term goals, problem solving skills and above all Gods guidance. @Dami, thanks for this great write up, do keep it up.

  7. Dami u do wel by defining what luv is all abt. Wel 2me human luv is invaild. God luv alone is perfect but i’m trying 2 luv wh ever comes my way

  8. Lol. Love. Thats a topic that would draw anyone and everyone. Love is simple yet complicated. Its sweet but yet painful at times. Love is a force that can take you to the highest of heights and at the same time, humble you.
    In the midst of the euphoria we feel about love, we forget that the beauty of love is not in the receiving, its in the giving.
    We want complete love, but we are not ready to give it.
    I believe that love is not natural to man. It requires daily practice through showing acts of love to our neighbours.
    If we practice loving our neighbours daily, there’s no way we can’t help but be DEDICATED, DEVOTED and COMMITTED to our partners.
    Personally, I dont think that any man is capable of complete, perfect or true love… as long as we are in this body. The Bible says that we are being perfected daily. So, the more we love, the more perfect, true an complete our love becomes.
    More so, the Bible says that God is love. Thus if we want to know love and be love to others, we have to go Him that is love.

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