A Few Tips for Transformation.

I was privileged to speak to a group of passionate youths yesterday and the day before.

It was a camp meeting and to say the atmosphere was supercharged would be an understatement.

I want to share a part of what I spoke about with you.

You can call them keys to transformation.I pitched my presentation against the backdrop of the inspiring story of David’s victory over Goliath and the Philistine army.

1. Tools

You need the right tools to fulfill your purpose in life.

A doctor has no need of screw drivers.

A capenter needs no stethoscopes.

A barber needs to syringes.

David understood that he needed stones and a sling to defeat goliath so he took a station break by the brook to pick up five smooth stones.

David knew he didn’t need Saul’s armour to defeat goliath.

He knew he had the right tools.

Your tool might be your voice, your imagination, your intelligence or passion.

Find it and begin to use it.


No matter how good your tools are, if you don’t have the right training, you’d still be ineffective.

Imagine a tractor-driver in the cockpit of a boeing 737.

Imagine a chef trying to operate on a patient in a medical theatre.Even if he has the best tools, he’ll leave the patient in a worse state.

David had been trained in the backside of the desert.

You have to train in obscurity so that you can be effective when you get your opportunity.

Whenever God lays a demand on you, remember He is training you not draining you.


Every test is an opportunity for you to become your best.

You can never be the best if you stay in your nest.If you will be the best, you have to pass the test.

David told Saul that he couldn’t use Saul’s armour because David hadn’t tested it.God tests you before He uses you.Every test reveals your strengths and weaknesses.David had defeated the lion and the bear before so when He faced Goliath, he had the confidence to speak against him and defeat him.

The next time you face a test, don’t run away, pass it.


If you want to be effective in life, you can’t just do anything at any time.Y ou must understand timing.David couldn’t have defeated Goliath if he had released the stone at just any time.He had to release it at the right time for it to hit the exact spot on Goliath’s forehead.


I can spend a whole day writing about teamwork and I will definitely put up several posts on teamwork on this blog as time goes on but let me put in a few words now.

John Maxwell says “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Great things are birthed through agreement.No matter how potent a man is, he can’t have a baby alone.He needs a woman to taem up with.David did not find any body to team up with, so he teamed up with God and got the victory.I know David didn’t win all by himself because when he released the stone into Goliath’s forehead, Goliath should have fallen on his back but he didn’t.He fell on his face.Someone must have pushed him from the back or what do you think?

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