A Message For Big Brother.

I feel really blessed today.
I can attribute this feeling to several factors.
One of them is that today is my only blood brother’s birthday.
Happy birthday brother Rotimi Oluwatoyinbo.

I’m really grateful to God that He has kept us both alive and well.

I still remember how we used to play as kids. He was a soccer player with admirable dribbling skills and he always beat me whenever we played table tennis (Well, 8 out of ten times. I guess he deliberately let me win now and again).

There were times we played so rough, hard and long that we would scurry indoors at the slightest hint of Daddy’s arrival in a desperate attempt to do the chores we were assigned several hours earlier. As you might have guessed, there were too many tell-tale signs of our rough play-stained shirts, sweaty bodies, greasy palms, half-done homework and the likes.

I also remember how we would go to the barbershop to get our haircut and how my brother would protect me whenever my parents weren’t around.

However, there is one experience that remains strong in my memory.

We had gone for a Campmeeting for kids and teens called “Root Conference”.

I must have been 6 or 7 years at the time. My parents reluctantly released me to attend the 3-day meeting and I was in my brother’s custody. One of those nights, I bedwet (I’m now covering my face. Hope you aren’t laughing at me.) and you can only imagine the puzzled expressions on the faces of the other kids. All eyes were on me. You know preteens and teens can sometimes put up an attitude. I was too young to understand why everyone seemed interested in the “little pool” I had created under my bed but my brother “took charge” as well as He could. Cleaned it up. Cleaned me up and found a way to take care of the mattress. He was remarkably fast and efficient.

I didn’t really understand what was happening at the time but in retrospect, I can only imagine how embarrassing it could have been for him.(He’s five years older). Now I can appreciate that gesture and his willingness to identify with me even then. 

Beyond all those childhood experiences, I celebrate him for his virtues and qualities-simplicity, gentleness, diligence and godliness-to mention a few. He is one of my examples of godly men and I love him so dearly.

God bless and increase you and your family on ALL SIDES big brother.

Happy birthday. May this new year be your best year yet and may the rest of your life be the best of your life.


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