Are You (Really) A Pastor?

When we were kids, we had high hopes and lofty dreams.

We had great aspirations. We were neither familiar with failure nor the frustration that comes with losing.

Our confidence was rock-solid and our enthusiasm was contagious. You remember?

We shared our dreams without inhibition and we said things like “When I grow up, I’d like to be a…”

You may fill in the blanks.

Some of us said “Medical Doctor”

Some said “Lawyer”

Some said “Accountant”

Others said “Astronaut…Pilot…Engineer…Inventor”

Do you remember what you said?

When I was a kid, I had three answers to the famous question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

I still remember very clearly.

I said “Chief. Soldier. Pastor” I thought I had to go to school to study for several years to earn several degrees and certificates if my dreams were to come to pass.

I wanted to become a chief because my paternal great-uncle and maternal grandfather were chiefs and the were both widely celebrated and highly -respected.

I wanted to be a soldier because I was awed by the grand display of military might in many Hollywood movies I saw on television.

However, I can’t remember why I wanted to be a pastor. I have tried to remember several times but its been to no avail.

In retrospect, I believe the seed of that desire was divinely planted in the rich soil of my innocent mind. If I had the information I now have, I am almost certain that I wouldn’t have added “pastor” to my “want-to-be” list

It’s been several years since then and a lot of things have happened. I have grown physically, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and otherwise. I have discovered several of my gifts and abilities and I am consistently working on myself.I am constantly seeking new ways to serve God by empowering the people around me.

I have written books.

I have hosted workshops.

I have founded a Personal and Professional Development Academy.

I have facilitated trainings for banks and other reputable organizations.

I have addressed over a thousand audiences ranging from five to five hundred thousand over the last decade.

I have appeared in National publications and been a guest on talk shows.

I have participated in a Reality TV show.

I have been seen by over five million people via international television.

I have done all these with great zest and joy.

However, I can tell you with all conviction that my pastoral calling gives me greater fulfillment than all of the above.

Today, I am asked this question often “Are you really a pastor?”

In plain terms, the answer is YES!

That call that I first sensed as a child still tugs at my heart today. It’s been confirmed in several ways over the years. It is a resounding symphony that rings loud and clear in the hallway of my heart. Nothing gives me greater joy than providing spiritual guidance to people. I consider sharing the person and principles of Christ with people a huge and humbling responsibility. Preaching and teaching God’s Word gives me great joy and deep satisfaction. It is my divinely-designed duty.

I do not and will never qualify by human standards to be a pastor but by God’s saving grace and unfailing mercy, I serve in that capacity. I have served as a pastor in different capacities for almost 10 years but I was fully  ordained as a pastor in the House On The Rock on May 9, 2010.

For me, pastor isn’t a title. It is a calling. Besides, it is the acronym that defines who I am and what I do.

So when I say I’m a Pastor, I mean I’m a P.A.S.T.O.R.

Preacher…I reconcile men to God by proclaiming and explaining the truth of God’s Timeless and Infallible Word

Author…I inspire mind-renewal by documenting solutions and strategies

Speaker…I challenge and empower people by sharing thoughts and ideas for transformation

Trainer…I instruct and discipline people to form habits, thoughts and behavior that improve their proficiency

Oracle…I serve as a human agent of divine communication

Reformer…I am a catalyst of spiritual revolution and social change

I have decided to be the best that God created me to be.

Do let me know how I can serve you and your loved ones.
I’d be glad to read your comments or questions in the comment box below.

23 thoughts on “Are You (Really) A Pastor?

  1. I am indeed touched by your post, you are indeed a pastor,I remember you as one person who wouldnt give up on passing the good news of our lord Jesus. I respect you and pray God bless you beyond your desires.

  2. Pastor Damilola Oluwatoyinbo, little do u knw of how many lives which av bn transformed 4 d bst becus of ur preachins & motivational talks. Jst an encounter wit u & life has never bn dsame 4 me again. Bless u pastor!!!

  3. 9z Won Pastor Dami,esp on ur Ordination@HOTR,ddnt no dah.May God lift u to higher heights n Standards IJN.See you soonest.

  4. This piece is very profound and deep. I always wonder why people would want to be a pastor anyway. Those qualities from Preacher to Reformer are just too heavy responsibilities for a man to fulfil. I guess that’s why its important to be divinely called and supported.
    As you continue to fulfil your divine mandate, may you grow stronger, braver, more humble and more fulfilled. You will affect the world for your God.

  5. All glory to God Almighty for your life as an end-time priceless gift to mankind. Hallelujah to the Most High! I’m believing God to be in my own shoe soon.

  6. Yeah by all indications u re. I wz blessed by ur Books and I read all of them in one sitting. I hv been inspired by You. Thanks a lot.

  7. P.A.S.T.O.R Dami
    you are an energetic oriented Pastor and leader bringing changes and impact to many lives..i am one of those product u have inspired and transformed thru ur books and teachings….you are really my pastor and brother.
    You will never fail (IJN). God blessshh you sir.

    1. Thanks a lot Olayinka. It’s encouraging to hear that your life has been transformed by the power of God through my teachings. God will perfect His work in your life in Jesus’ name.

  8. Very inspiring pierce. I am yet to discover and unleash what my calling is….as a child I always had different answers to the question ‘What do you want to be in the future’I would often give an answer that befited the person asking but in my head….I knew I didn’t want to be a career woman that abandons her family… I always though’maybe a wife to a rich man that will open a business for me to run’ I still had these thoughs till recently…. going to school was inevitable so I went and studied Economics with no plans to use it but all that has changed.
    I am an Usher in HOTR and I enjoy doing what I do and ministering in my own little way. I am also working in a very good company with plans to move up the ladder adding more value to my self and the organization. I want to fulfil God’s purpose in my life.
    I does feel great to walk closely with God especially being in HOTR with Pastors like you, that speak the truth as the bible says it with the finest eloquence and diction translating the bible to our today.
    You are a great inspiration to our generation, May God continue to use you to win souls and sustain his word in the church! May his grace and wisdom guide you be all that he has called you to be….you are my PASTOR!

  9. Indeed, i got touched by ur words here nd beyond tasued 2.0. Ure a pastor. Wants u to advice me. I want to b a motivator like u, how do i go avt it?

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