Are You Too Busy To Laugh?


I’ve had a very busy week.

I was at my sisters’ introduction on sunday after preaching in the morning.

I travelled back to Lagos on Monday.

Had a series of meetings and spoke at The Rock Foundation Mission on Tuesday.

Attended my sister’s Court Registry wedding on Wednesday.

Dealt with a few business issues on Thursday.

Was privileged to attend an auspicious occasion with my mentor on Friday.

I haven’t had as much time to rest as I would love but in the midst of all the activities and engagement, I haven’t forgotten to laugh.

I have seized every opportunity to laugh.

Different people have different pastimes,.Laughing is one of mine.

I laugh at jokes.I laugh at some jokes that are not even funny.

I laugh to myself…sometimes at myself.

I avoid this but let me confess, sometimes I laugh at people.(Please don’t tell anybody-good thing is I laugh at you with you, not behind your back…)

Some weeks somebody saw me laughing and asked if I had just won a lottery or if my wife just had a baby.(Just for the records, I’m still single as at June 12, 2009)

A few days ago, my brother said something that made me laugh.He didn’t think it was that funny so he said,”o ma an rerin gan sha” which means you sure do laugh a lot.

Well, it’s not like I laugh 24 hours a day.That would mean I’d be so busy laughing that I wouldn’t have time to live.

I don’t laugh 24 hours a day but I do my best to laugh as often as I can.

King Solomon said, “A merry heart doeth good like medicine.”

This probably explains one of the reasons I haven’t used medication in over ten years.(Well, except you vitamin C in that category).I say this to the glory of God.

Too often, we get caught up in the tension of everyday life that we forget to keep our hearts merry and our lives joyful.We forget that we need the oil of joy for the engines of our emotions to perform optimally.We focus so intently on what we are yet to receive and forget to celebrate and thank God for what He has given us so far.

So let me ask you, “Are you too busy to laugh?”

When was the last time you had a really good laugh.I’m not talking about a complimentary smile to pacify a friend who just shared a joke.I’m talking about heartfelt,rib-cracking laughter that brings unsolicited tears of joy to your eyes.That may lengthen your life bey a few days, weeks, months or who knows, years!

Don’t say there’s nothing to laugh about.You bet there is…even if the only reason to laugh is that there’s no reason to laugh.(Does that make sense?)

Do yourself a huge favor, brighten your life with joy and let your laughter bring hope to somebody around you.

I hope I’ve been of help.

If you are still frowning, it could be I’ve done a bad job or you are just…

Meanwhile I have a gift for you here.

4 thoughts on “Are You Too Busy To Laugh?

  1. Do you know i didnt believe people couldnt laugh until two years ago at a youth camp i attended when a guy was supposed to act a part that required him to laugh and twas so so hard for him,since then i kept wondering if laughing was a gift and i thanked God for giving it to me cos im so used to laughing that i find myself doing it at the oddest times(when i ought to be crying).Even when there’s nothing so funny,i take time out to laugh and i mean laugh not just smile…i guess it runs in my family.But if you’re out there and it doesnt run in your family or you seem not to have a course to laugh,I want to give you one…You dont have to pay for it.No matter how bad things are,no matter how confused you are….’FEYIN E'(shine ya teeth)……and to answer your question pastor Dami,No im not too busy to laugh…ah ah ah ah.

  2. i’m not too busy to laugh,infact i make sure i have a good laugh daily even if @ nothing. i’m laughing now because this keypad is rebelling.People should really learn to laugh especilly older folks.Laughing regularly has reduced the number of times i feel pains in my chest.I’m susceptible to cold,heat and i’m short and coupled with all this i have a small stature(the smallest physique in my family) so you can imagine who the object of jesting will be when somebody feels mischievious.I really need someone to prescribe a drug that will make me frown because i hardly do that again.Abeg for Pastor Dami’s sake, my sake and the sake of LAUGHTER,LAAUUGGHH!!!!!!!

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