At “The Ten Times Better” Youth Summit.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of speaking at the third edition of the Ten Times Better Summit.

It was organized by an exceptional young man called Seun Salami, founder of Vine Media.

The theme was STICK.ABILITY…interesting!

Other speakers scheduled to speak were Fela Durotoye, Kunle Ayoola (Soul Snatcha of RoofTop MCs) and Toyosi Akerele of RISE.

We had a most fulfilling time and I’m so glad I was a part of it.

I shared a couple of insights and I was delighted to see the faces of those precious young people glow with renewed passion and enthusiasm.

Here are a few points from my presentation that you might find interesting:

  • One of the challenges that you must overcome as a young person is impatience.Many young people are not willing to take the heat and the pressure required for their transformation.
  • One of the reasons Nigeria hasn’t gone as far as she should go is that we consume resources in the short term that we ought to invest for the long term.
  • You can’t have the pleasure of the promise if you don’t endure the pain of the process.
  • Concentration is key:Become so focused till your distraction becomes distracted by your focus.
  • You shouldn’t keep consulting those who know so much about your past and so little about your future otherwise you will repeat certain patterns you ought to break and your future will be a duplication of your past.
  • The most read authors are not necessarily the best authors, they are the bestselling authors.
  • People perish, not for lack of talent or skill but for lack of knowledge.
  • You are a walking, talking bag of seeds.Sow them.Grow them.
  • It’s time to turn that bright idea into a fantastic proposal.
  • Hall of your victory is in showing up.Learn to participate.
  • If your hands are on it, people will join you in it.
  • Learn to verbalize your dreams because a potential partner or sponsor might just be listening.

I hope learned a few things.

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13 thoughts on “At “The Ten Times Better” Youth Summit.

  1. Phil, that was fast.
    Thanks for being an ardent reader.

    Meanwhile, we need to catch up.
    Let’s work something against second week in January if that’s fine by you.

    Enjoy God’s best this season and always.

  2. wow.amazing i must is always a great to read your articles.i always have a word to hold onto.2011 indeed is an awesome year..i feel it strongly…my best lines
    * You can’t have the pleasure of the promise if you don’t endure the pain of the process.
    * Concentration is key:Become so focused till your distraction becomes distracted by your focus.
    thank you for being a blessing. i celebrate you

  3. hell Dami that is a good point, really our youth need such vital information, in other to avoid a pit fall dispensation that we are now. God bless you.

  4. hello Dami, am suggesting we could meet, in my ministry we reach out to men “Men of Judah International”, i will like us to talk more on it. this is my no: 08023767859. i will be expecting your call, God bless you indeed

  5. A lot more have got to hear this truth, Pastor Dami, i look forward to having you speak in one of our youth gatherings in port harcourt. God bless Sir.

  6. Thanx for being such a blessing all year long.may God reward you immensely.looking for to seeing you by God’s grace in 2011
    May God bless you for being a blessing to youths.more blessings await you in Jesus’ name.amen
    Merry christmas nd a happy new year.

  7. Very true lines….thanx 4 ur posts though,I look 4wd to having u speak or teach in one of our programs..I know next year holds a lot for Nigerian youths..Stay ALIVE

  8. I always love your write ups. 2011 shall be great and my consolation is one day, I’ll hv d opportunity to sit live under your ministration. One day soon. Stay on top and compliments of the season.

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