Building A Sustainable Youth Ministry In The 21st Century.

I have had the privilege of  working with thousands of young people over the last decade.

It’s been a great experience-one laced with a great measure of happy and not-so-happy moments.

I’ve had to coach, comfort and counsel.

I’ve had to touch, teach and train.

I’ve had the opportunity to reprimand, restructure and reform.

The experience is one I appreciate, cherish and I’m always willing to share.

With that in mind, it would be easy for you to appreciate the joy that filled my heart when I was invited to be one of the facilitators at a training organized by the YOUNG PEOPLE’S LEADERSHIP ACADEMY and THE INDUSTRIAL TRAINING FUND.

The event held on Saturday, August 7 at TOM ASSOCIATES, Anthony Lagos.

I shared my thoughts on the theme “Building A Sustainable Youth Ministry In The 21st Century.”

I wish I could give you the entire presentation but I have decided to put up the slides here.

Youth Ministry

If you’d like me to train a team at your ministry or church, I’d be glad to.Just click on this link to know the next step to take.

10 thoughts on “Building A Sustainable Youth Ministry In The 21st Century.

  1. The older generation like to view our generation from a derogatory point, but I ‘m pleased because of the measure of grace God has made available to this generation. Minds like you only tell us the best is yet to come.
    Dami, God bless your ministry

  2. Thanks a lot, Dennis.
    God has blessed our generation.
    We have no reason to be mediocre or to fail.
    It is our duty to learn from the successes and failures of
    the older generation and to produce superior results.

  3. Our generation is so blessed, but our children and youths seem to lack direction. I get excited when i see posts like this. God bless you Sir.

  4. Thanks Pearl.
    There’s a lot of work to be done.
    It’s important for us to keep on doing what we can to make things better and trust God to put His “extra” on our “ordinary”.

  5. Hi Pst Dami, aw r u doin? i’m so glad wen i think of the fact that our generation can actually get to that glorious destination of ours with positive minded people such as u. I pray that God gives each and every one of us the grace to collectively reposition ourselves and our nation for good. God bless you real good. Looking forward to meeting u again. Shallom, Olufunke Monijesu.

  6. Hey Dee,
    You are realy M.A.D.E [Making A Difference Everyday] In Nigeria.
    I’ll always love and appreciate you. Grace and Peace be multiplied to you in Jesus name. Amen.

  7. pst d u’r a phenomenon sent 4rm GOD 2 b a symbol of hope and encouragement 2 dis generation of ours becos alot of tins around says der’s no hope, no future, dreams are only fairy tales but with a voice lyk u around we can alwez expect a word 4rm GOD.since i came in contact with ur ministry way back in trf unilag i’v neva had any regrets.jus kp doin wot u’v bn destined to do.i luk 4ward 2 serving under ur leadership. GOD bless u real good

  8. Dear Ugo, thanks for appreciating the gift of God in me.
    I celebrate you too.
    I believe we can do great things for God…as He grants us the grace and the opportunity.
    Stay strong.

  9. Bless u P D….

    A generation without a VOICE of INSPIRATION,MOTIVATION and DIVINE DIRECTION… a generation heading down the road of RETROGRESSION and ultimately DESTRUCTION….But thank God for His FAITHFULNESS that He WILL NEVER LEAVE His PEOPLE STRANDED because of SOMEONE like YOU!

    We all in our own ways in God can make our GENERATION BETTER than the one before us!

    Stay STRONG in His MIGHT!

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