Catch Me At One Of These FREE Events!

After speaking at METATHESIS, in the morning session on Friday August 27, I’d zoom off to Ibadan for THE COLLOQUIUM.I’d be speaking on the subject, “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN”

After speaking at THE COLLOQUIUM, I’d rush back to Lagos to speak at the evening session at TREM Headquarters at Obanikoro.

The next morning, I’d be at the 100 PERCENT LEADER holding at the AFE BABALOLA Hall, University of Lagos.

I am not one of the main speakers but I shall be there to share A FANTASTIC BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY that is changing the lives of so many people for the better-one of the best business ventures I have ever  been involved in.

Later on saturday afternoon, I’d be on a TALK SHOW with Chaz B and Yaw.

It’s been organized by THE YOUNG EXECUTIVES, the Teens Church of House On The Rock.

At night, I’d be speaking at the Grace Evangel Mission at Okota.

Please try to be at one or two of these events.

More importantly, keep me in your prayers.

Ask God to grant me wisdom and favor and to cause the words that come out of my mouth to cause lasting positive change in the lives of those who hear them live or via electronic media.

I expect to see you at one of these events…and thanks for your prayers.

Destiny Beckons!

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