At the beginning f the month, I wrote this piece-

I Wish You A Highly Productive Month.

It’s been a very productive month for me and needless to say, quite a demanding one too.

I have had the privilege of touching lives through services, seminars, workshops and trainings from Ibadan to Ijebu Ode, from Umuahia to Calabar all within the last three weeks.I’m deeply grateful to God for His grace and mercy without which I’d be helpless.

One of the central themes of all my presentations and messages this month has been CHANGE.

It’s obvious that our world today is in desperate need of CHANGE.

CHANGE is the greatest desire of the human spirit.

Think about it-What’s your greatest desire?

More money…a CHANGE in your finances.

More friends…a CHANGE in your social circle.

More anointing…a CHANGE in your walk with God.

More cars…a CHANGE in your transportation.

Everything you desire can still be linked to this powerful concept of CHANGE.

Interestingly, change is the only constant thing.( You may have heard that so often that you no longer deem it a profound statement but it is.)

CHANGE is our greatest desire yet it is the only constant thing.

That should make you ask a few questions.

How could we desire something that is constant?

Could it be because THE CHANGE WE DESIRE is not always THE CHANGE THAT HAPPENS?

That’s a lot more like it.

There are two ways to live-

First, by DESIGN…This means you have a blueprint and you make conscious effort to make it happen.You have a map…a guide…a plan and you do all you can to stick with it.

The other way to live is by DEFAULT…To fold your arms and watch the sands of time flow through the hourglass…hoping that a miracle will happen-that an Angel will locate you one day and enrich you with great wealth and wisdom…hoping that change will happen…some day, SOMEHOW.

Yes, change will happen either way.

Whether you live by DESIGN or you live by DEFAULT, CHANGE will happen.Remember that change is the only constant thing.


if you live by default, you are likely to be a victim of the change you dread  but if you live by design, you position yourself to be the vehicle of the change you desire.

Which would you rather be- a victim of the change you dread or a vehicle of the change you desire?

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6 thoughts on “Change!

  1. Change like time is like a moving train,you either jump on it on point and let it take you on smooth ride to your destiantion or you sit back and watch it go by.FIGHT FOR THE CHANGE YOU NEED

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