Change Your Belief System!

A lot of people have said a lot of things about this year.

Prophets have prophesied.

Prognosticators have predicted.

Seers have announced their visions.

The question is what do you believe?

Prophecies may be noble (if they are from God).Predictions may be important but what matters most is what you believe.

On seversl occassions when Jesus healed people, he would say “your faith has made you well.”

He attributed the miracles to the faith of the people.

What do you believe?

Do you believe that the global financial recession will wipe you out or do you believe that you will bask in God’s abundance?

Do you believe that you will move into your own house or you will always have to pay rent.

Do you believe that your business will flourish or that you will become bankrupt.

If you have been believing the wrong things, this is your opportunity to flip the switch.


Stop being anxious about the future.

Become confident.

Move with confidence.

Speak with boldness.

Watch out for the next post for more on this subject.

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