DamiOluwatoyinbo.Com Is Wearing a New Look.

I’ve been doing some background work lately.

A lot of speaking engagements here and there and things to catch up on.

I have also been creating a couple of information products.

In the midst of  all of the demands, I am taking time out to give my blog a fresh look and to renew my commitment to provide helpful information on a regular basis through this platform.

All the old blog posts are still available under “archive” so you can explore.

Please look around and let me know what you think.

I’d like to make it as functional as possible.

I’d appreciate your honest feedback.

Kindly leave your comment in the comment box on the blog.

Thanks a lot.

7 thoughts on “DamiOluwatoyinbo.Com Is Wearing a New Look.

  1. This is awesome and it totally rocks dude… oops… forgive me I mean… M.O.G. I really need people like you in my life to upgrade my reps in this level. I LOVE THE NEW LOOK. kiss! kiss!! kiss!!!

  2. Beautiful..luvly concepts.i didnt get 2 see what it looked like before..i’m new to this site but this look is quite attractive,i know u are going to change it soon because u are always on the next level & thats how u inspire people like me..well done sir.
    I want to suggest that u add some of your speaking engagements venue & time on this blog site for us to see..we really want to be under your ministrations again & again..there are many friends (unilag allumnai) who keep asking if u already pastor a church because they’ve missed those wonderful moments of trf fellowship & they really want to experience it again.i’ll surely introduce them to this site.

  3. Hey black Prince, so good to “hear” from you.I believe you are doing great.
    It was a great time in Abuja two weeks ago and thanks for the design of “income booster”.I’m sure you are glad to see it on the sidebar.

    Ayo, hope u are doing well.Thanks for your lovely comment.
    You can check up my schedule on the itinerary page here…
    though it’s been a while since I updated that page.
    I’d endeavor to keep it as fresh as I can.

    Meanwhile, feel free to tell all those our people about this site.
    It’s about the fastest way to stay in touch with me.

    P.S:Please send my greetings to your family.

  4. Thank Dami for keeping in touch. The website is lovely, i would also be interesting in knowing some of your speaking engagement especially those that fall on a weekend so as to see the possibility of attending. Your book as really been life changing i had to buy 3 more for my friends who loved it and wanted to collect mine. God bless you.

  5. Hi PD,
    The earth is the lords and the fullness thereof.There is so much space for the “few who are chosen” to not only blossom, but also burst forth and transform our generation across the world using the gift of the garb.I am proud and happy to have met you on the platform on which we did and I know the “assignment” which we have towards each other will be fulfilled over time to the glory of God and the transformation of the world.

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