Do You Feel Like That Sometimes?

I received a call about two hours ago.

It wasn’t from a stranger. It was from someone I met just about four months ago.

I’ve spoken with her a few times and though I hadn’t know her for too long I could tell from the tone of her voice that something was wrong. I didn’t need to see her facial expression. I knew from the way she sounded.

By default, I asked “How are you?”. She replied “I’m not fine o”. Sure enough her morale was low and her attitude was affected. She told me what was wrong and I spoke a few words of encouragement to her. I’m glad I could. I’m more grateful that I can still encourage  several other people through one-on-one conversations, small group meetings, seminars, conferences, mega-sized meetings and outdoor events. I’m glad to as often as I can but every now and again it feels like the more work you do, the more work you have to do.

Do you feel like that sometimes?

Maybe you are a CEO with dozens of staff to supervise and  tons of contracts to execute…

Or a pastor with a needy congregation to lead and feed…

Or a housewife with a whining husband to satisfy and crying kids to pacify…

Or a student with loads of assignments to submit and projects to complete…

I have an idea of how you feel. It’s possible for you to want some time off…some time alone…some time without any work.

A wise man once  said “The reward for great work is more work.” I am beginning to understand that in much better light. There’s always so much more to do. Regardless of the ground you’ve covered, there are still new territories to take.

Jesus the Christ did so much while he graced this planet with His physical presence. He raised scores of disciples, healed the sick regardless of their class, creed and color; He raised the dead and fed thousands of hungry people yet after years of unparalleled contribution to our world, He said “I’m still working and My Father is still working too”. He didn’t stop there. He said to His disciples “Greater works than these shall you do.”

I’m glad that I’m privileged to be one of His followers. I’m glad I don’t have to rely on my frail flesh to do all the great works that I’m on earth to do. I’m glad that “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me”

Every time there’s a temptation to cower under pressure, I remind myself, ‘i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

I have resources that I haven’t even tapped into yet. I can make withdrawals from the Bank of Heaven as often as I need to.

If you ever feel like that; like the world is on your shoulders-like things are going in the wrong direction; like you have so much work to do and too little resource to work with, don’t focus on your manpower alone. Look up to Jesus and draw some God-power. He’ll help you get a lot more done in a lot less time.

A good way to start is to tell Him just how you feel and ask Him for help but if you can’t seem to find the words, you could just say these words from your heart now:

“Dear Lord Jesus,

I am grateful that you know everything about me yet you love me completely.

You know my faults and  frailties yet you are willing and able to empower me.

Today, by faith, I receive your love, peace, joy and strength to rise beyond the demands of my tasks and responsibilities.

I receive wisdom to prioritize, plan and perform with excellence.

Help me to recognize and relegate time-wasters and dream-killers.

Help me to identify and partner with destiny helpers and change-makers

So that I can fulfill my purpose and do exactly what you put me on earth for at this time.

I receive all that I need now in Jesus’ name.

Thank you Lord.”

7 thoughts on “Do You Feel Like That Sometimes?

  1. I certainly feel like this alot. I’m going to write out the prayer and stick it somewhere obvious where I can see it and be reminded to pray it often. Thanks Pastor Dami for sharing ;)!

  2. I absolutely do feel like that sometimes and the weight feels heavier by the day but then people like you and articles like this make the difference. thanks for taking time to write this. God bless you.

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