Don’t Just Exist.Live!

It would amaze you to discover that not everydody you see around you is alive.i do not mean to scare with some phony ideology.I am not one to tell those gory tales of ghosts and haunted houses though I believe that the world we live in is as spiritual as it is material.

What i mean is that so many people are just trudging through life without making any significant contribution to their world.They can barely wait for another day to end.For them life is more of an ordeal than it is a gift.They live with the perpetual feeling of frustration and perplexity.

Quite frankly,life deals us certain blows every now and again but we do not have to resign to what most people call fate.Nobody has everything in perfect order.Nobody is all that prim and proper.We all have our share of imperfections and delays.However, we can always choose to live and not just exist.

To exist is to wish.To live is to fish.

To exist is to watch things happen.To live is to make things happen.

To exist is to beware of evil.To live is to be aware of good.

To exist is to build a fence around yourself.To live is to build a bridge to reach out to others.

I could go on and on and i probably would in another post but make a resolution right now to not only exist but also to live.

Don’t just stare…see.

Don’t just touch…feel.

Don’t just embrace…connect.

Don’t just wonder…ponder.

Don’t just aspire…inspire.

Don’t just talk…speak.

Don’t just make noise…be a voice.

Watch out for another post along these lines.

Till then, don’t just!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Just Exist.Live!

  1. pastor dami! i can’t believe this…well come to think of it I can and I am so glad. i read your post and it has really inspired me, thanks a lot for being one of the rare kind of our species who lives to turn the life of others in God’s direction. keep on being a blessing. the Lord bless you real good!

  2. While I do appreciate your intentionality of awaking people from I-just-exist syndrome, I think subjecting existentiality to a very narrow conception raises many questions; living is part of existence, and existence is a superordinate of all kinds of performative acts, wether passive, active, or pasctive. To live therefore is to exist; however in a figurative or Biblical sense, to live is to act upon existence where ”existence” is in contradistinction to ”live.” I’ve only responded to your post because I’m tired of many binaries and cliches speakers or writers incorporate in their writings and speeches without establishing a strong premise to justify them. And even if they do, they should provide detailed information on any concept they’re using and why they’re using it the way they do; otherwise, any argument advanced from it (concept) may sound too ludicrous and dry .

    Keep it up!

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