Don’t Let Tommorow Meet You Where Yesterday Left You.


I was speaking on Tuesday evening and these words popped out of my mouth, “don’t let Wednesday meet you where Monday left you”

Don’t think too hard.It simply means don’t stay on the same spot.

Be progressive not retrogressive.Advance.Move forward.

When Israel stood on the verge of the Red Sea thousands of years ago as they escaped from the cruel claws of Egyptian slavery, they cried out.Moses, their spiritual leader cried to God.God simply replied “Tell them to move forward”

Between every “now and then”, make sure you move from “here” to “there”

It doesn’t matter if it is just a little step you have taken.A little step is always ahead of a great wish.A little step is more appreciated than big dreams.

It’s a combination of little steps that make a giant leap.

Today is the time you have to move your life from where it was yesterday to where you wsant it to be tommorrow.

Maaximise it.

What are you waiting for?

4 thoughts on “Don’t Let Tommorow Meet You Where Yesterday Left You.

  1. Today is the tomorrow we all talked about yesterday.
    I think it was Les Brown that said, ‘we don’t have to be great
    to get started, but in other to be great we have to get started’.
    A forward movement is never determined by the speed of the one moving
    but every one step toward the right direction.
    I refuse to let tomorrow meet me where yesterday left me.
    Thanks Dami for your thought…

  2. Waoh.
    Emmanuel, your words are so refreshing.
    I love the Les Brown quote and and what you said about “forward movement”

  3. Thanks Dami for those motivating words.
    There is a very big temptation for us as people to have a passive approach to life, i.e taking things as they come and not causing things to happen to us and around us. This is primarily because of our nature as human beings to tend towards comfort and complacency. To be great in life, to always improve, to change things, we must say no to our flesh cause our flesh does not want to be disciplined.
    Personally, i have made a decision to dictate what happens to me, to take control of my life and not just sit and wait for things to happen to me.
    Thanks again, keep writing and may your oil never run dry.

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