Don’t Take Cover…Take Over!

Life is a battle for territory.

We are all trying to occupy one territory or the other.

Darkness will occupy any region that is not suffused with light.

Fat will occupy body that is not toned or exercised.

Evil thoughts will occupy a mind that is not filled with godly thoughts.

Weeds will occupy a farm that is not cultivated by the farmer.

Whenever you do not pay ample attention to that which belongs to you, it will be taken over by something else.

If you do not discipline your mind to embrace only pure thoughts, you will soon be entertaining ungodly ideas and evil desires.It’s that simple.

I understand that it is challenging to stand your ground and maintain certain standards especially when everyone around you is munching the cookie of compromise but  my challenge to you is to stand out and take over your territory no matter what.

There are five responses to trouble and threats.

Every one alive responds to trouble in one of these five ways:

1.Some TAKE OFF…

Most people run when faced with a difficult situation.

They would back off in a hurry when storms toss and billows roll.

Some take off from their matrimonial homes at the first sign of financial inadequacy.Others drop out of school after flunking one or two exams.

Unfortunate, you’d agree.


Those who take heart are skillful at consoling themselves.They throw pity-parties as often as they can.Some go as far as saying things like “What can I do?”…”Nobody likes me”.They feel so sorry for themselves.

For them, life is a string of sad stories.


The people who take sides are concerned with denominational differences and racial lines.Gender, cultural backgrounds, political affiliations and skin color dominate their discussions.They are more concerned about associations than transformation.

They introduce divisions and consequently decay.


Those who take cover remind me of the ostrich.The ostrich often buries its head in the sand when confronted by an enemy.It is its way of responding to attack.It assumes that it can’t be seen by the enemy since it does not see the enemy.That’s preposterous.

There are many people who would rather be insignificant in the face of trouble.

They are docile .They are cowardly.They prefer bury their heads in the sand like the proverbial ostrich.They fail to confront therefore, they fail to conquer.

5.Winners TAKE OVER.

This is the ideal response.

We are human and we err time and again.

At different times in our lives, we have responded to threats by taking off, taking heart, taking sides and taking cover but our ideal response to a challenge is to TAKE OVER.

To take over means to be in control-first of your faculties, then of the situation posing a threat in your life.It means to take charge and take care of things.

It also means to invade, occupy and dominate.It’s not God’s intention for us to dominate others but it is His will for us to dominate our environment and make the most of the resources at our disposal.

I encourage you to change the gears in your mind so that when next you are faced with a difficult situation, you will not take off, take heart, take sides or take cover but you will TAKE OVER!

14 thoughts on “Don’t Take Cover…Take Over!

  1. Really apt for me right now, God bless your intuition P.dams. Keep doing what your doing and you will excel to do even more.


  2. These words Sir, are truth. They’re spirit and they’re life. I’m more blessed knowing that I’m in association with you!
    You totally rock.

  3. This is a nice write-up considering that in these comtemporary days of ‘The New-Age’ people would rather seek the easy way out to solution of life’s problems. . . would prefer to cheat in Exam halls than study hard; would rather tell a lie than suffer for the truth; would enjoy watching a late night movie than bask in the presence of the Almighty God in a Night- vigil.
    God help us to take-over every situation we find ourselves in and to not compromise!
    Thanks for sharing Sir.

  4. yeah! P Dami ive always look up to ur words. they re words that gingers the fire in man to wake up 4rm his slumber pls kp itn up.

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