First Words:Get In The Game.

get in the game

I promised to blog on the theme of my new book, JUST DO IT!, so today, I’m starting with these words:Get In The Game.

If you are reading this, then you are ready to win in life.There are millions of websites you could be visiting right now but you dropped by here(or may be you stumbled on it) because you believe you could pick up a few tools to help you live life to the fullest.

I’m really glad that you did.I’m even more excited that you have a burning desire to win in life.

Yes, you want to win but you have to realise that you will never win any match you don’t play.The first step to winning a match is playing the match.

There are lots of people who have big dreams and lofty desires to change the world.

There are many people who talk about their great plans to transform the world but they are doing nothing about those dreams.

Are you one of such people?

If you are, what are you waiting for?Aren’t you tired of watching the world go by and people leaving you behind?

Aren’t you tired of being a classic example of stagnation?

Aren’t you fed up with your current level?

Why should you remain a spectator when you have what it takes to a be a participator?
Why should you remain an analyst when you should be a catalyst?

No matter how gifted you are, you will never score goals in a match you don’t play. You may not win all the matches
you play but you can be sure that you will never win any match you don’t play. It is one thing to have great
expectations; it is another thing to take immediate action in the direction of your expectations. Refuse to be a
spectator in the game of life.

Get In The Game.

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