For My Blog Readers Only.

It might be more accurate, if I add “regular” to the title of this post so that it reads: “For My Regular Blog Readers Only”

Now, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of the information I’m about to share with you if you are not an avid reader of this blog. It only means you might be reading this much later than you should.

At the end of this post, you’d have a better understanding of this.

Last week, I hinted that I will be hosting a special event on July 1st, 2011.


As you may already know, it’s the first of its kind that I’d be hosting this year and it might be the only one as well.

You REALLY DO NOT want to MISS IT for any reason.

It’s important for you to note that it will be a SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY to connect with other great minds and it promises to be an ABSOLUTELY UNFORGETTABLE experience.

Here’s a line up of activities for JULY 1…in no particular order, though.

1.Lovely LUNCH prepared by a Nigerian Chef who was trained in FRANCE, Chef Fregs.

2.Apart from the food which promises to be SUMPTOUS, we’d share our thoughts on personal and business development.

3.We’d also watch a few MIND-STRETCHING, LIFE-TRANSFORMING videos.

4.Besides, I’d be walking you through a POWERFUL new concept that I’m developing called S.L.O.T… that’s an acronym for Strategic Life Optimization Training. It will CHANGE your LIFE forever!

5.Furthermore, if you are one of the 12 people who ACT FAST enough, I’d give you TWO (2) Autographed copies of my NEW BOOK,


6.Finally, I will be available EXCLUSIVELY to you for 5 minutes.
I’d answer any question you might have or offer advise on any of your endeavor. That is outside the “general session”

By the way, that is another reason why it is an “EXCLUSIVE EVENT”

Several people have asked me “Is it going to be FREE.”

May be you have asked that question too.

My thoughts are rather simple. I’ve offered a good number of FREE trainings before but this one is NOT FREE.

If you thought it was, sorry to BURST you BUBBLE.

In fact, depending on what you consider CHEAP or EXPENSIVE, you might conclude that it is expensive.


If you want to know the actual commercial value of this EVENT per person, here’s a breakdown:

LUNCH: N3 500


S.L.O.T: N50 000

SEIZE THE MOMENT (2 Copies): N2 000


ONE on ONE session:Priceless

ADD it all up and the figure you have is N56 500 + Priceless!

That is the true commercial value, however, I’m going to make a concession for you.

You will PAY ONLY A FRACTION of that.

If I told you to pay N25 000, that would be fair but I’d go even lower because I want you to have an UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE,

so you’d pay N10 000 only.

That’s it!

It doesn’t get “CHEAPER” than that. So, take advantage of it.

Make your payment to:
219 832174 110

You could make a deposit at any GTBank branch or do a transfer online.

One you have done that, send your payment details to 0802 362 0526 and I’d secure your seat.

Please note that this is ENTIRELY based on a “FIRST-TO-PAY” basis because I am preparing for ONLY 12 people and once the twelfth person pays, it would be too late for you to join us.

As a matter of fact, a friend of mine says he is sending at least 5 of his staff but guess what, if you pay before they do, you will get your seat and they might just lose out.

What’s the point?
It’s simple. Get to the bank as soon as you can, make the payment of N10 000 and SECURE YOUR SEAT.

I look forward to seeing you on July 1st, 2011.

P.S:The event is slated for a “secret venue” in Yaba, Lagos. The exact address will be revealed to you after you SECURE YOUR SEAT.The time is 11am-3pm

P.P.S: There are only 12 seats, so ACT NOW.

P.P.P.S: This is such a long write-up but every word of it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT so scroll to the top and read the whole of it…if you haven’t done that already.

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  1. We often wish,we could birth forth our God giving purpose by just dreaing. It is time to wake up and be committed to the actualisation of that dream.

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