From Interest To Commitment.

My last post was quite long so I’d keep this one simple but just as powerful.

If I do not exhaust my thoughts on this topic, I’d continue some other time but I just want to share a few points with you now.

One of the key differences between success and failure, prosperity and poverty, marital bliss and divorce, sickness and health, academic excellence and poor performance is a simple word-COMMITMENT.

I bet you’ve seen the wonders of commitment. You have seen it over and over. From the artistry displayed by your favorite sport star to the soul-stirring messages delivered by the charismatic preacher; from the masterful use of words by the best-selling author to the ever-increasing bottom line of the astute business mogul; from the precision of the marksman to the awe-inspiring creativity of the artist, our world is decorated with the sweet fruit of commitment.

Great organizations are built through commitment.

Skills are developed through commitment.

Anointing is developed through commitment.

If you will become great, you MUST move from mere interest to commitment.

There are a lot of people who would like to become better singers yet they wouldn’t even learn from the successful singers around them.

There are a lot of people who would like to become best-selling authors yet they wouldn’t even write an article, talk less of posting valuable notes on facebook.

Some say they would love to to feed thousands of people daily some time in the future but they wouldn’t even buy a hungry stranger something to eat.

Others pray that God will use them mightily yet they have never made any serious sacrifice for Him.


Things just don’t work that way.

Your COMMITMENT TO ANY PERSON or PROJECT is measured by your ACTUAL INVESTMENTS in that person and not by your VERBAL PRONOUNCEMENTS.

Being committed means you will take the required steps to produce the desired results.

Interest may be a starting point but it takes commitment to go the whole nine yards.

I promised to keep this short, so I’d continue some other time.

I look forward to your comments and contributions.

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7 thoughts on “From Interest To Commitment.

  1. Powerful!
    I must sincerely commend the love, humility and selfless service you showed towards the success of the start of something Big held at the premier university of education – Tai Solarin University of Education last thursday (BEYOND TASUED).
    I for one, i was blessed and challenged by your excellent and charismatic presentation. I promise you today, we shall meet at the top one day.
    I love you!
    A 200level telecom / it student

  2. When ever i read articles from this blog, i get blessed and i’m challenged to be a better person! I pray God to help me be committed to my every cause and to make you a continous blessing to us. Thanks a lot P. Dami.

  3. About 5yrs ago during a meeting in my local assembly(GRACE ASSEMBLY:Pastored by Femi Paul) his wife said we shud wake up and give feet 2 our vision.2day I am saying dat d feet 4 our or 2 our interest is “commitment”.Want 2 tanj u 4 dis piece,jst saw it sum few minutes ago.Am grateful.pls cud u kindly create a fan page where we cud like u on fazbuk?

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