Good News…

If you are a student and you have your ID card, I have good news for you.

A number of students have requested a discount.
They REALLY want to LEARN HOW TO SPEAK WITH POWER but they do not have N2 500 now.

I understand.

I have been there before.
There have been times I wanted to buy a book, a CD, or attend a seminar before when I did not have enough money to pay so I have decided to give such people a discount.

If you are a STUDENT and you REALLY want to attend but you do not have sufficient funds at the moment, you can pay N1 500-THAT’S 40 percent off.

Now there’s a clause-you have to pay by THURSDAY, JANUARY 28, 2010.That’s a 48 hour window.Please, maximise this opportunity.Act fast.

Remember that the venue is relatively small and there are limited seats so, NO DULLING!

Ensure that you bring your teller to the venue and your student ID card.

See you on saturday.

OOPS…I almost forgot to give you the account details…


NO:         219 832174 110


One thought on “Good News…

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