Happy Birthday Pastor Paul Adefarasin!

There are a few people in your life who mean more to you than most other people.

That doesn’t sound so profound but I’m sure you get the point.

There are not too many people who have what it takes to empower you in almost every ramification of life.

Everyone of us needs leaders, life coaches, models, mentors, fathers.

Bishop David Oyedepo once said “Fathers are feathers, without them, we can’t fly.Fathers are ladders, without we can’t climb.”

I am eternally grateful for the teachers and mentors that God has blessed me with.

I dedicate this post to my Spiritual father, pastor and coach, pastor Paul Adefarasin.

Today, as you celebrate another birthday, I trust that God will richly reward you and refresh you.

May God continue to take care of your business as you take care of His house and His people.

I join the millions of people you have influenced to say a big thank you for all you do and more importantly who you are.

I love you so much papa.

Please do enjoy the year ahead.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Pastor Paul Adefarasin!

  1. Good day pastor paul,
    i want too thank for the encouraging messages it has really inspired me and it has made me know how wonderful GOD is to me and how i am to him…….Have a wonderful day GOD BLESS YOU……
    am sorry this is coming late

  2. Like you always say sir, “the best is yet to come” because your best days are still very much in front of you. Well, I am only privileged to have lived at such a time as this when a great man graced the sands of time. Like a true star that you are, you have consistently pointed us to the WAY (The Lord Jesus himself) who is the greatest light from which all other lights get their illumination. Pastor, may your days be long and may you continue to be an inspiration, a guiding light and a bulwark of our precious faith (the faith which was first delivered to the apostles). God bless you real good. And I am so so proud of you! I never forget Jan 25. This site has given me the platform to express my personal thoughts.I hope you read this.

  3. Urban Worship 1 on 22nd of August was orchestrated just for me,I came into the service, asking GOD for a clear word, that is specific direction for an issue and u know what immediately Pastor Paul said the message title , I knew what i had to do next, thanks Pastor Paul for being a vessel of God.

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