Here Is The List I Promised To Share.


I was too tired to add the list of books I just got in the last post.

So here it is…

“Don’t Throw Away Your Future” by Robert Schuller

He talks about how you can live God’s dreams for your life.

“The Accidental Leader” by Harvey Robbins and Michael Finley

They tell you what to do when you’re suddenly in charge.

“Healed Without Scars” by David G. Evans

He shows you the path to wholeness in Christ.

“A Common Sense Guide T o Fasting ” by Kenneth E. Hagin

He addresses the issue of fasting from a very objective perspective.

“Entrepreneur” by Alex McMillan

“Motivator” by Frances Coombes

“Essential Managers Collection” by DK

This collection contains six management masterpieces that every one who intend to excel in relating with  people and executing projects must read.

The next time you are in a bookshop, look out for these books and if you can, buy them.I’m sure you won’t regret it.

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