How To Build A Business Empire…According To A Multimillionaire.


I haven’t still recovered from the business seminar I attended two weeks ago where Dr.Cosmas Maduka, the CEO of Coscharis Group spoke.

He shared from his wealth of experience.One of the things he taught was how to become a conglomerate.

Here are ten points he shared …

  • Pick and remain focused on a business you understand well.
  • Thoroughly understand your market.
  • Look for and hire professional managers.
  • Put in place strong financial and administrative controls.
  • Constantly research the market to continue the relevance of your product.
  • Do not spend money unnecessarily on office appearance and self-serving activities.
  • Have a business/strategic plan and constantly review it.
  • Keep proper and complete record of transaction.
  • Make sure there is a job description and match with the skill set of your staff.
  • Set performance milestones and standards against which results can be measured.

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