How To Make The Second Half Of The Year The Better Half Of The Year.(Part 2)

In the first part of this article, I used the on-going world cup as a metaphor.

I emphasized the importance of playing the game of life differently.

It is ludicrous to do things the same way now and again and still expect a different result.

If we desire a different result, we must do things differently.

We cannot afford to just DO THE RIGHT THINGS alone.We must also DO THINGS RIGHT.

I’d like to share a few points with you that will ensure that you achieve better results during the second half of the year.

1.REVIEW the first half of the year.

Life is a continuum.

Every new phase is predicated on an old face.

It is essential to review our performance now and again so that we can improve.

Every great achiever makes out time for self-evaluation.

The great Apostle Peter admonished, “Examine yourselves, whether you still be in the faith…”


What did you do well?

What mistakes did you make?

Who do you need to apologize to?

These are a few of the questions you should ask as part of your evaluation process.

2.RESIST the temptation to quit.

It is possible that things have not turned out the way you planned.

Time seems to have lapsed and your desires are yet to be fulfilled.

Not to worry.

You still have five months and a few weeks ahead.

This is not an invitation to procrastination.It is a word of encouragement.

Resist the temptation to throw in the towel.

Resist the urge to throw tantrums.

Resist the pull of fatigue and press on courageously regardless of past disappointments, delayed gratification and broken promises.

3.RENEW your mind

You spend huge sums of money on your clothes, shoes, food and friends everyday.The question is “How much do you spend on your mind.”

The quality of your life does not depend on the quality of your clothes.It depends on the quality of your thoughts.

That’s why Paul says “I beg you…do not be like everyone else but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

As your wardrobe gets bigger, let your library become larger.

It is your duty that the number of books you read or refer to is constantly more than the number of clothes you have.

What lies within is more precious than what lies without.

Invest in an ipod and listen to life-changing books, teachings, seminars and messages.

This is very important.

I still have a few points to share so watch out for the third part of this article.

Meanwhile, kindly leave your comments below.

I’d love to know what you think.

6 thoughts on “How To Make The Second Half Of The Year The Better Half Of The Year.(Part 2)

  1. Bless you!
    I must say this is very…….INSIGHTFUL and IMPACTING…….
    This SURE helps……
    Keep BRINGING them….
    I pray GOD to WATER you! as you WATER us…….

  2. now dis got me saying ……… uhmmm, especially the part where u said “5months is not an invitation to procastinate but a word of encouragement”……… been prayin 2 “Eat that Frog” coz dats an issue im dealin wt…………… in all, it is a brief but wonderful piece, good one………….stay blessed

  3. @Riches, thanks for your constant support.
    I will continue to share as much as God grants me grace, wisdom and opportunity.

    @Uyi, it’s great to know that you have identified the challenge.
    Don’t stop moving.
    You won’t just “eat that frog”, you will “digest it”
    Thanks for stopping by.

    @Chisom, God bless you so much too.
    I appreciate your comment.
    Stay blessed.

  4. i love u n i like dis anyway dat y isaid i love u ,i like it wen i see young guys c vision n focus ohhhhhh my GOD i like to meet dat is if u dont mind, da woman u ll marry is a lucky person

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