How To Make This Year Truly New!


At the beginning of every year, we are inundated with certain themes and expressions.

Some hold on to their “prophetic word” for the year. Others simply list their goals and draw up plans.

One thing is for sure though- everybody desires that the year will turn out favorably for them. It’s a part of our make up as humans. We are creatures of hope. Even the most pessimistic people secretly desire that their lot will be better by the end of the year.

The fact that we greet one another “Happy New Year” (with or without meaning it) is an indication of our expectation regardless of how flimsy that could be.

It’s good to say “Happy New Year” to our  friends, family, colleagues, neighbors and others around us.

It’s better when we say those words with meaning and genuine care. But it’s best that we do not only say “Happy New Year” but that we also make the year truly NEW and HAPPY.

Whether this year is NEW and HAPPY is up to you…really.

What makes a year truly new is NOT JUST A CHANGE OF DATE ON THE CALENDER  but a CHANGE OF THINKING IN OUR MINDS. If we think exactly the way we’ve been thinking over the years, this year will be AN OLD YEAR with A NEW DATE.

It’s possible for the calender to read “2013” and for you to be stuck in 2007 because you have refused to forgive your first boyfriend or your second business partner or your third landlord. Sadly, they may have moved on and be living in 2013 indeed while you are still locked up in the past.

To make any year TRULY NEW, there are a few steps we could take.

I’d share these steps in 4 Rs.


Cast back your mind. Think deeply. If you have to, go to a quiet place and review your actions and outcome in the last year. Most people don’t. They just keep on doing the same things over and over again. It is important to reflect. As you do, you will recognize the negative patterns that are holding you back.


If you do an honest assessment of your life, you will identify the unhealthy patterns and sometimes people that are clogging the wheels  of your progress. Sometimes, what’s standing between you and your next level is one act of forgiveness. There may be someone you haven’t forgiven and released.  Remember that where there’s no forgiveness, there’s no freedom. Entering a new year is like getting into a new relationship. You have to drop the baggage of the old in order to make the most of the new. Forgive those you need to forgive-including yourself. Let go of destructive thinking patterns and release those crippling habits.


Apostle Paul was a phenomenal mentor and coach. He inspired and instructed several churches. One of such was the church in Ancient Rome. In the 2nd verse of the 12th chapter of his letter to them, he said “Do not be CONFORMED with the standards of this world but be TRANSFORMED by the RENEWING of your mind.” That’s the key- the RENEWING of your mind. It’s a big issue for me and it should be for you too. The WORD of God is more powerful than all the words of all men-dead and alive put together. That’s why I cherish the bible. Though it was written by the hands of men. It contains the Living Word of God. Men were only vehicles through which God’s thoughts were transcribed. If you want this year to be different, spend more time studying, meditating on, sharing and applying the Word of God.


There are things God has placed at different points in this year for you. There are opportunities that will come your way. Some of them will come disguised as problems, difficulties…challenges. Some of them will come through people you may not pay attention to on a regular day but it is important to pay attention. Receive the blessings God has for you this year. The psalmist says “He daily loads us with benefits.” Keep your heart open. Keep your eyes open. Keep your hands open.

Apply these 4 steps throughout the course of this year and you’d be amazed at how NEW this year will be for you.

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8 thoughts on “How To Make This Year Truly New!

  1. This is an insightful n exciting way to start a year,it obvious our our reflections on what count will release and renew our mind to receive the bulk of what God has for us this loving this sir,thank u sooooooo much. Sir I been trying to reach u for since this year began to know when the next public speaking training would hold in nigeria since I couldn’t participat last year,I have tried call the number on the blog also but didn’t get access.sir I would b most grateful if u can feed me on this info.thank u once again sir as I await ur reply soon

  2. Pastor Dami, I stumbled upon ur blog on twitter. And yes I am currently trying to read up everyone of ur write up. So far they are really insightful. Thank you.
    Ps: thank you for a very timely word today in church. I shall be spreading the word about ur blog. God bless you richly!

  3. Dear Amara, thanks for your comment. I’m delighted to know that you intend to read all the previous posts. I’m sure you’d find them inspiring and instructive.
    We give God all the glory for the exceptional time we had in church today. We are moving from faith to faith, strength to strength and glory to glory. Thanks for spreading the word. God bless you so much more.

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