How To Turn N200 Into N15 000 000 000.


That’s right.

You are about to discover how to turn N200 into N15 000 000 ooo.

Yeah, that’s 15 billion naira.

And don’t think I’m out of my mind.I got the info from someone who has done it.I’m just learning the strategies and I feel you should be the first to know.

I was opportuned to attend a business seminar yesterday.The facilitator was Dr. Cosmas Maduka.

If you don’t know him, that’s alright.I’ll give you a little info.

He is the faounder and chairman of the COSCHARIS GROUP.

If you are still pondering what that is.It’s a conglomerate-actually one of the leading indigenous conglomerates and they own the BMW franchise in the country.

Okay, I guess that makes a lot of sense.

This guy started with just N200 after over six years of apprenticeship but today, he sits atop (N15 billion including shareholder’s funds).

What makes his story even more inspiring is that the odds were stacked against him.

  • He was born in a village,
  • He lost his father when he was just 4years old.
  • He dropped out of school after primary 3.
  • He had to sell fried akara (bean cakes) as a boy to support his mother in raising his siblings.
  • He lost his capital in his first attempt at the importation business.
  • He had to hide from his landlord because he couldn’t afford to pay his rent.
  • He had to work odd jobs even as a married man to support his family.

But today, “levels don change” the story is different.I’m not telling you a fairy tale.I’m telling you a true life story.

If you are like me, you are probably wondering how he did it.

Now you understand why I couldn’t afford to miss that seminar.I had to glean of his wisdom.

There were many things Dr. Maduka shared with us but before I share them with you, let me talk about some other things I observed.

He was down-to-earth…practical…simple…hilarious…authentic…frank…I could go on.

I find that interesting because many people of his stature are usually uptight and superficial.

He was free, relaxed and effective.He told us the truth.

Let me share the key points with you…

  • He had BIG DREAMS.

His words : “You must have a clear picture of where you want to go and what you want to be…I have always been a big dreamer.I had dreams even when I had no money…”

  • He had to TRANSLATE his DREAMS into ACTION.

His words : “You can’t just dream, then do nothing.If you believe, do something.Your faith must be translated into action.”

  • He had to FIND SEED CAPITAL.

His words :“Don’t be in a hurry to borrow from the bank.The best way to get money when you are just starting out is to work…raise the money yourself.There’s dignity in labour.Find anything you can do and keep reminding yourself of your dreams for you life and business.


His words :“Use money for whatever you say you will use it for.Don’t divert money you got to do one business to another business just because you think it will bring you more money.”

There’s a lot more he said but I’ll save them for the next post.


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