How well have I done this year?

King Solomon of ancient Israel said “To everything there is a season,A time for every purpose under heaven:”(Eccl.3:1).The wise king couldn’t have said it better.There is a time for everything.The more perceptive amongst us would agree that December isn’t just a month of celebration, it is a month aof contemplation.Yes, we shall rejoice and be excited about the festivities and parties but we must also take out ample time to reflect.We must take stock.We must ask questions.We must assess ourselves.

In school, we had to take tests and assessments regularly.It was part of our calender.The same is true for our lives.Assessments form a very crucial part of our lives.Without assesments, we wouldn’t know how well we are doing;we wouldn’t know where we stand and how can we know what to seek for if we have no idea of what it is we lack?

We cannot increase our efficiency until we identify our deficiency.

It is imperative that you ask some serious questions.

Ask yourself…

How well did I spend my time this year?

Did I treat people well this year?

Was I faithful to my spouse?

Did I take good care of my house?

Did I give my best on the job or was I the proverbial thorn in my Boss”flesh.

Did I work to make money or did I work to make a difference?

How well did I do financially?

Did I get deeper in God or did I just play church?

The list is endless.I’m sure you understand my point.

When you take assessment, then you can make neccesary adjustments.With that, you’d be better positioned to maximise the possibiliyies of the new year.

I wish you the best.

Ooops…I almost forgot…Merry Christmas and happy new year!

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