I have A Confession!

I wonder what went through your mind when you read the title of this post.

Well, my confession is not anything scandalous.It is about my new book “JUST DO IT!”

If you haven’t downloaded your free copy, just click on this link right away.

Here is my confession-I did not plan to write a perfect book (if there is anything like that), I only set out to pass across a message of empowerment, it only turned out in form of a book (and that is just one of several media I intend to explore).

Now that I’ve told you that, I will really appreciate your suggestions and contribution towards optimising the potential of the book.

What do you love about the book?

What do you think I can do to optimise the potential of the book?

If you were the author, what would you have ommitted and what would you have added?

What would you reduce and what would you increase?

What would you have done or said differently and why?

I really want to improve.I don’t just want to get in the game, I want to step up the game in every way and I realise that your feedback is key to my improvement so do me a favor…

Take out a few minutes and leave your comments in the little box below.

Thanks a lot.

12 thoughts on “I have A Confession!

  1. In the eyes of fools and many others, little things don’t count but in the presence of God and the wise it matter must………..think about it. Thanks I love you.

  2. balogun, thanks for your comment.
    You didn’t mention if you had read the book and what you’d like to me to do to improve on it.

    I would really appreciate it if you include those.

    Thanks again.

  3. Dami, I really want to appreciate the work of God in your life because not everyone has the grace to reach out, like you have. Just do it, is complete in itself, just that i think if the book had a content page, it’ll be easier to navigate for future reference but i also understand the many nuggets contained in the book. besides am not doing this cos yo giving out free hard copies but its been long overdue. wouldn’t mind the hard copies though,lol!. Happy birthday and God bless you.

  4. Writing , is a lost art in our generation, as they say readers are leaders, so its not a coincidence that u wrote this book, Kudos for keeping it real and making a positive impact in our generation. your contributions are highly appreciated. Cheers

  5. Hello,
    Happy birthday, it means your my pastors birthday mate, i mean Pastor Barns. Anyway i’ve not read the entire book yet but for the part i’ve read i think its good it’s a word to get us out of mediocrity and i believe the next you will write will actually be better than this. Once again Happy Birthday.

  6. Hey P.Damz? . . The personal autograph says ‘Lhanre the great guy, the world’s waitin for you’! I didn’t realise the weight of that word till i read the book. It’s like everything i been looking for for that extraordinary thrust! I recently took part in a competition and the thought of not winning didn’t bring fear to me cos of wha i read. ‘ Don’t just try being the best in every competition, let the competition bring out the best in you’. That obviously did happen and i won amidst all the criticism. That also didn’t bring uneasiness to me cos it’z ‘when you’re about to make a mark that critiques try to erase it’, so i was more motivated. You say am a gr8 guy but there’s gr8r guys. And you are no different from those minds that are remembered for what they did, have done and will do. And as you celebrate your day, we all not only mark your birthday, we celebrate the many lives you’ve touched in one way or the other. For me, there r too many ways. Thank you sir and the best in life is already yours, you jst have to possess it. Happy b17thd43 sir. .have lots of fun nd i’ll keep spreadin the word. . .’Just Do It’. :-). LRALve to possess it. Happy b17thd43 sir. .have lots of fun nd i’ll keep spreadin the word. . .’Just Do It’. :-). LRAL hv to possess it. Have fun and remain blessed. LRAL

  7. @femo…waoh,I feel honored.
    @Roxy…I’m encouraged.
    @Whizzkid…congrats on your success in the competition and many thanks for your refreshing remarks.

  8. Happy Birthday Pastor Dami, May GOD keep blessing you, strenghten you, favour you and grant you your heart desire.

  9. P. Dammie, i still haven’t had the pleasure of laying my hands on the hard cover nor reading the online copy. Nonetheless, with the sneak peak i gotof the book, I can only say you have dared to do what most of us only have stopped at imagination. God speed!

  10. p.dami,….just do it…this book is always giving me a great push out of complacency and mediocrity of any degree….cant count the number of things i piled up undone,but done right now..after reading JUST DO IT,i found myself JUST DOING IT(as long as it’s right)…you did a great work,much more,a great impact.i dont think there is anything to subtract from the book…but to have more books from you for our generation and generationext….more grace.

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