I Met The World’s No.1 Motivational Speaker Last Weekend


Damilola Oluwatoyinbo and Les Brown
Damilola Oluwatoyinbo and Les Brown

It’s been a while since I reached out to you through my blog.

Please accept my apologies.
I’ve been working on some projects. I have not “abandoned you” or “forgotten” you.
I’m still very committed to your growth and greatness.
I’m working on a new product. I’ve had it for sometime but I’m adding fresh material to it so you can get more out of it.
I’d give you more information in the days ahead. Watch out for it.
Meanwhile, I had the privilege of meeting the World’s No.1 Motivational Speaker in just 2 days ago in London. His name is Les Brown. He’s fantastic. He speaks with confidence and conviction and gets paid tens of thousands of dollars for every hour he speaks. NO JOKE.
You can google him and watch some of his video clips on YouTube. Go beyond that- buy his audio and video material and
If you want to be the best at what you do, identify the people who are already recording massive success in your field and learn from the. That may sound very simple but most people just don’t get it. Maybe they agree with the idea in a theoretical sense but they seldom “go out of their way” to model successful people.
Les Brown is one of the people whose words have inspired and motivated me over the years and I’m so grateful to God for the privilege to learn from him.
Who are you grateful for?
Meanwhile, I want to give out ONE COMPLIMENTARY copy of  my SPEAK WITH POWER kit. If you are interested, leave your comment below telling me why I should give it to you.
Leave your comments below. I love reading and replying your comments.
P.S: Watch Out For My INDEPENDENCE DAY Special Offer 

42 thoughts on “I Met The World’s No.1 Motivational Speaker Last Weekend

  1. Hello, Mr Damilola,i have been a member of your blog and i also enjoy all your post,i subscribe to the public speaking and i have enjoy the lesson one which you state that whenever we want to make speech we should make sure it is structured,and well planned.
    i can’t say anything about the book now,but if i have money with me,i will go for one,right now i don’t have cash with me,i really want the book to help me become a better speaker.

  2. In respect of your question” why do I want to be a good motivational speaker” I would say though am not good and don’t have any knowledge but I believe and know that through the messages I listen to by the great motivators which you by Gods grace you are among, and which I learnt from.I would be able to motivate others well.

    1. @Adebusayo, you are good enough. I agree that you need to keep learning from more established speakers to become much better than you already are. Keep on!

  3. I want to be a better speaker because those who I look up to as my mentors are the best at what thhey do and I need your book because it would help me prepare in. Acheivement of my dream.

    1. Thanks for your comment @Adebusayo Yisau. It’s not a book though. It’s a combination of AUDIO training and PDFs you can follow at your own pace.

  4. Well, Speaking has been my dream. This led me to study my choice of course in school Mass Communication. I have really been motivated by your mails and I must say that you have really inspired me. I am always working at becoming a better person. I started The Inspired Network and now, working on another project which will soon be heard about. i look forward to reading your mails and books and especially working with you. Cheers

    1. @Tolani, it’s good to know that you are studying along the lines of your passion. I’m also impressed by the fact that you’ve taken a step to start a network. Well done. God will send you more helpers to strengthen you.

  5. Hi Dammy,

    I want to make comment as stated on your mail, perhaps i could win the free gift.
    I believe your ability to communicate well and present your speech well is one way you can influence others and also present yourself, also good selling comes from good presentation which is also from a good speech. This i know i lack cos i dont have the boldness and I lack the right words atimes in my speech causing me to stammer atimes like a blabber, my inability to make sense in a sentence is also a pain on me, which is a reason why i know your training pack will make an immense impact in my speaking ability, although i have been striving to purchase the pack but i have been financially incapacitated. I will forever be grateful for your kind gesture, nothing good really comes cheap, so i am not taking such for granted, it will just be a priviledge.

    Thnks a lot.

  6. Hello Boss Dami! You have been a source of motivation for us who wants to get our voice out there. More of God in your endeavours bro!

    I’ll be very glad to own the priceless “SPEAK WITH POWER kit”. I am a music and voice coach, also youth empowerment speaker in churches. I’ve always love to improve my public speaking skills, and I’ve been learning some on your blog and other materials. But I’m so much positive that the SPEAK WITH POWER kit will really double-up my public speaking skills.

    Shalom sir!

  7. I want to become a better speaker so I can have the ability to deliver whatever idea I conceive to bring a positive change to the world. I believe your “speak with power” kit will be a valuable tool to achieve this dream.
    Thank you and God bless you.

  8. Most influential people have one thing in common, the ability to SPEAK. If being a motivational speaker will get people to listen and adjust their school of thought will bring satisfaction and fulfillment .

  9. Mr Damilola thanks for your contribution to human development in the area of public speaking. Basically it was my search for knowledge for excellent service delivery that led me to discover your platform, so the package for give away by you will help me achieve the needed public relations skills that will help me add value to my work as a new employee. I need to exhibit excellence so as to proffer lasting solutions to problems bedevilling the performance of the organisation. Please ill like to find out if you organise workshops PR practitioners. please if there is send details to my e-mail. thanks

    1. Well said @Domo. Congrats on your new assignment in your workplace. I wish you God’s wisdom and favour. You will be a shining light there in Jesus’ name.
      Our next training is DREAM Academy (Season 3) and it is scheduled to hold November 11th-15th (in Lagos, Nigeria) and 16th (in Reading, England)
      I’d post more info within the next week.
      Meanwhile, you can visit http://www.DreamAcademyOnline.com

  10. I am a professional salesman and an associate chartered marketer. My business is speaking. but more results are gotten when spoken with confidence and power. my clients increase when my sales speech were delivered POWERFULLY. I know this kit will enhance my delivery in sales speeches daily and enable me to become more influential and result-oriented in my daily work.

  11. Mr Damilola, Thank you for this great opportunity. I want to be a better speaker because I want be able to influence my generation, in the best way I can. To be able to offer solution to the needs of the younger generation, even if its one person. I need the SPEAK WITH POWER kit because I know it will definitely improve & Empower me to be the best in this field.

  12. Thank you Damilola.. I will like to be a better speaker because I believe I have the ability to be one and i am passionate abt making people better.I believe the SPEAK WITH POWER kit will help me achieve this passion.

  13. Dami
    I need your book so as to give back to the society what I got from you and to tell the world about DAMILOLA OLUWATOYINBO – the Speaking Giant.

  14. I have great stories to tell to benefit humanity. That is why I want to become a public Speaker. Stories of hunger and satisfaction,hardship and success, sickness and recovery, poor self-esteem and recovery, lack and abundance. I have been through all of these. I cannot wait to become an in-demand and sought-after speaker. I believe the world will be better because I live.

  15. Over the last couple of years I have done a lot to improve myself – I have changed my diet and my lifestyle and also the people I surround myself with, despite this, one thing I have yet to master and I feel is holding me back, is my inability to articulate myself. I had identified this as something I need help with; and I feel a copy of this book would do that. If I were to win I promise not only to read it but to also take practical steps to improve, as it would mean a lot to my children who have helped correct me and have given me suggestions in articulating my speech.

    1. I feel you. I can sense your sincerity even though I can’t see your face. Thanks for making the effort to improve yourself and please keep it up.

  16. Mr. Dami, Thank you so much for this opportunity.
    Why I want to become a better speaker:
    1. Passion: I have a very deep passion for speaking and I believe it’s just natural that I have such an unusual urge to want to get better at what I am passionate about.
    2. I carry solutions on my ‘inside’: I know that I have something(s) to offer: solutions to problems and answers to questions. Thus, the better I am at communicating these values, the greater the impact and the better will be the world.
    3. Being ‘good’ is not enough: I believe that the people that I will be speaking to deserves the best of me. Thus, I have to constantly develop myself so as to stay Fresh and Relevant.

    Why you should give me the free SPEAK WITH POWER kit:
    1. I am a ‘fertile soil’: Although you call it a gift, but I call it a seed. And with your life(and the results you have produced over the years) as an evidence, I strongly believe that the SPEAK WITH POWER kit(once sown) would help me produce ( in due season) ‘fruits’ of great achievements in the Public Speaking Arena, thus making the world a better place in my own capacity.
    Once again, I say thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  17. Of all aspects of life, speaking, either public or private, is ever so important that what one says and how it’s said is so vital that a certain ship-wreck could be averted when what is to be said is well thought-out and properly structured. I came to realise this when, for the first time in my life, I had to give a talk to my team-members who were hell-bent on taking actions that would have had adverse effect on the bottom-line of the organisation I work for. These are people who saw my variant action to theirs as act of betrayal. I stood in front them and ask that I be avail a few moment to address them, and thank God they gave that chance. I, through my speech, was able to make them see the reasons why they shouldn’t take the action they wanted to take. Though, the speech wasn’t well structure as I would’ve wanted, I still managed to explain my points and they heeded.

    And ever since then, I have endeavoured to hone my skill of speaking because that realisation was a big lesson for me; thus I came across your blog while searching on how I could well become a public speaker and registered to receive mails from you. I think I need this Power kit more.

  18. I really do want to become a motivation speaker because i want to be of help to the average Nigerians by letting them know the kind of potentials that they have in them. and to inspire people now that they are in there youth age to avoid making mistakes that the elderly ones have made. to make all people happy in respective of the little ones they have. to put a smiling face on them> because in our world today a lot of people went through negative road because of lack of idea.l am a little boy of 18 year old and i do want to be of help to my fellow men and women by the special grace of GOD. thank u for helping me.

  19. Hello Dami, thanks for this opportunity. I want to be a better speaker because communication is the lifeline of every relationship. We have been created as relational beings, hence we have to relate with people at sundry times in different spheres. Having what to say and not being able to pass it across with proper clarity is as devastating as a singer losing his voice 2minutes to his performance at the national stadium….no one wants that to happen to him, at least not me. I have a message for this generation, I want to learn how to say it better so that I can influence my world, one word, one person at a time.

  20. Dear Dami,
    I am training the youths under the platform of the Leading Eagle Int’l. I had organized so many seminars and workshops for youths in Bonny Island Rivers State.I have read several Dale Carnegie’s books and Dorothy Leeds’ book on public speaking but seen my brother like you climbing such heights in public speaking motivated me a lot.If you can remember vividly i have already invited to come and take me on a course because of your inspiration and packaging.If you give me this Power Kit it will not only help me but the youths are going to benefit immensely and i will raise another platform for leadership development in Nigeria and the world at large. I appreciate your kind gesture. I anticipate a favourable reply. God bless you.

  21. well done for the great work you are doing,through you God has raise up men and women that can confidently stand in congregation and speak fluently without shy.God bless you for making yourself available , you might not see or know the great impart you are give people i will like you to know that life have been tranform.sir,i am a preacher of the gospel and do shy to speak even in the group of people , as search it in google and now found you i want to gain power to speak i will be greatful if my request is granted thank

    1. Hello Stephen. Thanks for your comment. I’m grateful to God for causing our paths to cross. I hope that you’ve already subscribed to the free lessons on Public Speaking. Also, you can purchase your copy of SPEAK WITH POWER to sharpen your speaking skills. God bless you.

  22. Thanks Dami. Having gone through some of the comments, I would say I want to be a speaker because it is calling for me. I would also like to change my generation for the better by speaking to them. I would want to do this with the best practices. I want to have a compelling message that when I speak people would be persuaded to try the principles and know that it works and also pass it on to others. I know that many are ahead of me including you and others like Dr. Myles Munroe, John Maxwell, Kunle Soriyan. I know that I canoot finish learning from people like you which I call front liners. I haven’t read your book. I know I will sure do that when I purchase one. Thank you for adding value to our generation.

  23. Words have more power than we customarily attribute to them.They go forth with a vibration that can be uplifting,comforting,healing,encouraging or depressing,antagonistic,damaging and discouraging.The power of words cannot be underestimated.They can move passionate hearts to reason and tears.Speeches have moved people to rebellion and nations to war.Many of the great issues that confront us today such as national and international conflicts,inter tribal wars,unemployment,inflation,oppression,environmental pollution etc have their roots in present and historical speeches.

    PS:I am aware that the deadline is over.I just want to share my thought as well.

  24. I have been following your presentations for a while now and I am convinced that you have a lot to offer to the world.

    I am an engineer and I make presentations on behalf of my company to prospective clients, especially in the oil and gas industry. I want to be able to deliver powerful presentation at all times. Please, send a complimentary copy of your “Speak With Power Kit”.

    Kind Regards,

  25. Gracias my Teacher. i ve been following you since the “DEBATERS”
    I have passion for training and development and focuses on ATTITUDE.so i speak to secondary school student on ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE. I am always willing to learn more for me to impart others, i help people to discover, develop and nurture to maturity to their talent/career. I see myself speaking to Nations. so i need the gift. The challenges that i experienced has/had cooked,refine and modeled me to be a better person. I am a student of several Speakers/Authors i.e. Craig Valentine, John Maxwell, Anthony Robbins, Kola Osinowo, John Mason, Sam Adeyemi, Fela Durotoye etc
    I love nurturing seeds (People) to become great. I belive everything rises and falls on our attitude.
    My Attitude, My LIFE:Living Intentionally For Excellence
    I will definitely buy.
    Great reward

  26. Really you are changing lives with your packages. i have listen to great speakers like Vincent Pearl, Dale carnegie, Les brown,Tony Robbins and their likes still i have not been able to break through in public speaking. what is the way out of this stagnancy?

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