I need more power.

So do you.

I don’t mean “so, do you?”

I mean “so do you.”

I know you need more power too but since I am the one writing this post, let me talk to you about why I need more power.

I have a lot of goals for this year.That also means I have a lot of work to do and that means I need a lot of power.You may define power as the ability to do work.Without power, you can’t accomplish much.Without power, you can’t go too far.

The more powerful you are, the more you can produce.

The more powerful you are , the better you can perform.

I have a burning desire to produce a lot more and perform a lot better in everything I do this year, that explains why I need power so desperately at this time.

I also understand that if you desire the extraordinary, you must do the unusual.So, I have decided to spend the next couple of days with my team at a secret location drawing more strength through prayer and meditation on God’s word.I look forward to it because I know I will return loaded with more power.

If you have a a lot of things to accomplish this year, I suggest you take out time regularly to seek God’s face, no matter how busy your schedule is.He is the source of all strength and the fountain of power.The closer you are to Him, the more powerful you’ll become.The more powerful you are, the more you’ll produce and the better you’ll perform.

I’d talk to you soon.

Meanwhile, have a great time.

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