I Wish You A Highly Productive Month.

It’s September 2010.
What a wonder.

Thank God for His protection and provision over the first eight months of the year.

Look forward to His blessings and overflowing goodness though the remaining four months.

I am sure you are highly expectant and it’s my prayer and desire that you have a highly productive month.

That’s why I have decided to give you a special gift.It’s a PowerPoint presentation titled “CHANGE THAT WE CAN BELIEVE IN”

I originally prepared it as a visual aid for my presentation at THE COLLOQUIUM, An International Youth Day Leadership Conference but I am giving it to you free of charge because I know it will provoke your thoughts and help you become more productive this month.

You can download it by clicking here…

5 thoughts on “I Wish You A Highly Productive Month.

  1. After seeing this presentation, I downloaded a copy of the book ‘Just do it’ and I have not gotten over it. It was just what I needed and now there is a positive shift in my gears.
    Thank you for being such a great inspiration.
    God bless and keep you.

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