I’m so upset!

You can’t believe what’s happening right now.
I’m in delta state.I’m billed to speak tomorrow evening and my luggage is still in Lagos.

Did I hear you say “how come?”
That’s exactly the question I asked the management of AERO CONTRACTORS when I discovered that they had “accidentally” forgotten my luggage in Lagos.
Well, it was bad enough that they forgot it.

What’s more painful is that they promised to send it through the next flight-which landed at about 5pm(I landed at about 1:15pm) and they still “forgot it”.

That sounds like gross irresponsibility to me.

It seems I have to pass the night in my under wear…and wait for the next flight tomorrow.

Can you imagine that?

I’m so upset at their irresponsibility.

Anyway, I’ll let you know how everything goes.

I have no doubt that all things are working for me.

Meanwhile pray for me.


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