Is This Love or What?

A soldier was sentenced to death by Oliver Cromwell for a terrible crime. He was to be executed by a firing squad as the curfew bell struck midnight.

All preparations were made, and as the time approached, guns were loaded but the clock never struck. After a few minutes, Cromwell sent some soldiers to investigate. They found that a young lady, the sweetheart of the man to be executed, had strapped herself to the clapper of the huge clock – so when it struck the side of the bell her body took the impact but made no sound. Both her legs were broken, one arm was badly damaged, several ribs were cracked. Cromwell was so moved by her remarkable sacrifice that he ordered her sweetheart to be freed. “Your love has saved him. No curfew bell will sound tonight.”

This story portrays love in one of it’s purest forms.

The ultimate proof of love is not sex, money or fun. It is sacrifice.

Pure love is demonstrated through sacrifice. It’s about what we are willing to give; what we are willing to let go of; what we are willing to do without just to ensure that someone else becomes better.

A lot of people think about love in terms of a romantic relationship. They think about love only on valentine’s day. It ought not to be so. Love is the essence of life. To love is to live. God is LOVE and God is the giver of life so LOVE  gives life. Love is LIFE.

We are called human beings but we really ought to be Love Beings.

As we remember the ultimate demonstration of God’s love for us in this season, take out time to reflect. Ponder on God’s love for you.

God became a man so that men can become like God.

Mel Gibson’s blockbuster movie, the Passions of The Christ is depicts the greatest story of  God’s love for us but you can be sure that the sufferings of Jesus for our sake were a lot more gruesome that what we see in that movie.

Jesus was brutalized that we may be revitalized.

Jesus died so that we may live.

Jesus bled so that we may be fed.

Jesus’  body was broken so that our bodies, souls and spirits may be whole.

We have to appreciate the fact that it wasn’t the nails that kept Jesus hanging on the cross. It was his passionate love for us.

No matter how you spend this holiday, remember to meditate on GOD’s unconditional love for you and find a way to spread the love.

Make a fresh commitment to love God with all your heart, mind and strength.

Make a fresh commitment to love your neighbour as yourself. Let God’s love pour through your thoughts, words and actions.

An easy way to do that is to ask yourself this question before you do anything: “Is this love or what?”

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26 thoughts on “Is This Love or What?

  1. Thank You Lord Jesus for Your Love and Sacrifice, help me Love You better. Happy Easter to our own P. Dami. God bless you real good Sir!

  2. Interesting story! Shows how much of God we have in us if when we work in love. His sacrifice on the cross is only because of that love, much like that lady who took the blows of the clock bell.

  3. The most amazin’ side of d story is that “even if i were the only one on earth- he would have still died for me!’

  4. Jesus Christ our Saviour PAID THE PRICE WE COULDN’T PAY.
    I am thankful. Blessed be the Name of our LORD.

  5. indeed we need to have the consciousness that we gods here on earth coz ..we are seated with Christ in the heavenly places..

  6. For God so love the world …… Indeed that is a a true love in action. I pray God’s love for us will not seized in our life . Jesus Christ is the reason for the season.

  7. Thank you Lord Jesus for your love for me.. You love me unconditionally. Thanks for this wonderful write-up….

  8. Jesus was brutalized that we may be revitalized.
    Jesus??body was broken so that our bodies, souls and spirits may be whole. Thank YOU JESUS F?????? your undying L??e.

  9. Jesus was brutalized that we may be revitalized.
    Jesus? body was broken so that our bodies, souls and spirits may be whole. Thank YOU JESUS for YOUR undying LOVE.

  10. Love, God’s love never ever fades and is always fresh.
    It is because of His love that He has soo freely shared in me and with me, that i love.

    Thank you for sharing.

  11. I have never agreed more with you or anyone,on anything,than this!

  12. Great things happen when God mixes with man. Thank God for the death of Jesus for our sins I hereby encourage those who still continue in their sin s to have a rethink and embrace Gods way

  13. So crying and making a promise to God that my life will serve his will! And his love will I keep in my heart forever! Tnk pastor dami! You a rare gem! Tnk you JESUSfor your love towards me even if I do nt deserve it you still! 4 me

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